Sunday, January 26, 2014

Loli's, Vanilla, and Being Yourself!

Yo everyone! 
Hope it's going well! So today I am a bit sick. I have a headache, a fever, and a stomach ache. I blame Aggroe (Even though I wasn't home to catch it and I spent all week with my sick family). I still blame her~
Thus I didn't do much but nap and eat today. Sorry! I don't have anything special planned to talk about today, though I was talking with Aggroe earlier and remembered that while I was looking in the mirror today I was determining the kind of person I want to be~
So I think today I'll post a few things that help me become the geeky, feminine person I want to be and hopefully give some helpful tips on being yourself~!

Day 24- Maid

My maid would have to be little Italy from Hetalia!
He's such a cutie pop and I adore how he looks as a maid~ Is that creepy?

Day 25- Loli

Hani from Ouran High School Host Club or as I like to call him "Honey". Or I would choose Nagisa from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club! BECAUSE CUTE LITTLE BOYS OH MY GOSH <3 I have a soft spot for adorable anime guys~ Or even Ciel from Black Butler because they are all SO GOSH DARN CUTE. (I can go on and on if I get to thinking but I'll leave it at this for now~).
 Also I don't care if you say they are not lolis~ They are adorable little boys and that's good enough for me! :D

Just to be sure let's add little Gilbert for good measure :D

 Now what you have all been waiting for~ Drum roll please!
I tried to look for a little boy hentai because DAMMIT LITTLE BOYS ARE CUTE and we were on the subject of loli's so why not?
No. You know what came up. Very disturbing things. VERY. Disturbing things.
So instead here is some vanilla for you~
Sweet Sweat

Today I was talking to Aggroe about the kind of person I want to be. I'm going to post a few of my own personal goals and then post a few questions and tips for you guys!

1. I want to be a very feminine lady~

I want to be viewed as put together, classy, intelligent, and preppy. Now doing all this and being geeky don't really go hand in hand. Though in my mind it really does!
Take Kaga-san for example! She looks very cute and preppy and pretty and she is very feminine~ I would like to put off the looks and attitude of Kaga! I want to read manga and books, watch anime, cosplay and still look like a high class lady~
 I can be elegant, classy, and geeky all at the same time!

My Princess Euphemia cosplay proves it!

2. I want to feel accomplished!

I want to stick to my cosplay plans, blog every day, and catch up on all the half finished anime I watched. I would love to feel proud of all the things I accomplish!
I've accomplished the blogging every day and I'm sticking to it because I LOVE IT! Now let's get working on those cosplays!

3. I want to be intelligent~

I have poor grammar, I can't write well, and I have a lot of spelling errors. So hopefully I will get better as I blog more with Aggroe! I want to view myself as an intelligent person. I'm currently learning French because I love the language~ I'll see if I can get someone to teach me Elvish ;)

So here is my mini questionnaire for you all!

1. You want others to view you as:
a. Classy
b. Intelligent
c. Tsundere
d. Masculine or Feminine (This is not gender specific)
e. Other

2. You are proud of:
a. Your style/body
b. Your grades/job/eucation
c. Your accomplishments/hard work
d. Your hobbies/ dedication
e. Other

3. Your best feature is:
a. Your posture
b. Your brains
c. Your dedication
d. Your laid back attitude
e. Other

4. You want to be with someone who is mostly:
a. Attractive
b. Smart
c. Has a strong personality
d. Is funny
e. Other

5. You are very:
a. Mature
b. Observant
c. Opinionated
d. Chill
e. Other

You can probably guess the answers just by the questions but I'll give them to you anyways~

A) You are as elegant and beautiful as Kaga-san/Sebastian.
B) You are as smart as Kyoya
C) You are as adventurous/ determined as Taiga/ Hikari
D) You are as manly as Tsumugu or as feminine as Princess Euphemia
E) You are a very unique person~




Now the meaning of this silly little quiz is to think of who you are and what it is in life that you want. Of course you're going to pick the answers you want to each questions. When I take quizzes I like to pick the answers to the questions so that I'll get the answer I want instead of answering the questions truthfully. Take a moment to look back at the ones you picked and the ones that you are most like. Really think about the difference between who you are and who you want to be. 
Maybe you chose all the ones that you are and don't like the answer. Change it! Be who YOU want to be~
Maybe you chose all the ones you are and you love it~ Then you should understand yourself and be proud of yourself <3
If you chose E Then you sound like you are looking for yourself! I personally think that E type characters are very unique and they are my favorite type of people~
Now go be yourself~!
Also, Aggroe and I noticed a lot of people like our more personal/inspiring posts so we will try and do more of them more often! Which wont be hard considering we are teenagers living on our own and joining the adult world.
Anyways I am very tired and I think that's enough for tonight! I need sleep. Desperately. Goodnight Everyone!
Anemone <3

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