Thursday, October 31, 2013

A Super Halloween!


Yesterday after having a fairly bad day me and a friend went out trying on Halloween costumes and dresses and such~ It was definitely what I needed! Here are pictures of some of the costumes I tried on. I look like a mess because I had a bad day and screw it. Also it was really dark and hard to take pictures so bleh!

Spiderman, Captain America, and Catwoman. I for sure was never meant to be cat woman! (I don't have the curves for that costume!) I am however planning on getting a spider man costume in the near future because I loved it.
I ended up getting some pretty chill things. An oversized Spiderman T-shirt, a Superman knit hat, and a super chill Robin shirt with a cape! (Which will probably be my Halloween costume).

I'm going trick or treating with Aggroe, because you're never too old XD I may also be going to a few Halloween parties too so we will see! But work, work and work until then! We'd love to see pictures of your Halloween costumes! Tweet or facebook them to us!
Have an awesome Halloween and I'll have some more Halloween-ish stuff up tonight or tomorrow! GET ALL THE CANDY!
Anemone <3

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Nerdiest and Most Epic of Music!

Good Afternoon Everyone~
So for fun I wanted to show off some music I've absolutely been in love with. There's a lot that I've been listening to but I'll show you my top 5! I know Aggroe absolutely loves some of these artists too. If you want to listen to something inspiring and really upbeat all of these artists are perfect for that! I'm sure you'll find something you like!

5. Dragon Force

One of my friends made me a mixed CD with Dragon Force years ago. I've been in love with this band ever since! Their songs are really long with insane guitar solos! Their music is fantasy metal genre and it's pretty uplifting! If I were to have any song play as I enter a room or walk down a hallway it would be A Flame For Freedom because the opening is awesome!
Dragon Force- A Flame for Freedom

4. Love is a Story

Aggroe first showed me them many many years ago. They were my favorite artist for quite a while. My favorite song by them is Science of Sound. I love all the video game references! It's such a fun upbeat song and it's kind of romantic in my opinion! All of their other music is really great too! Check them out!
Love is a Story- The Science of Sound

3. Crunk Witch

I love the sound of Crunk Witch! I've never been good at describing the sound of music but this band has a
really unique sound!! It's intense and upbeat and I love it! My favorite song is Battle Beyond because it's also romantic and reminds me of castles and warriors and epic battles!
Crunk Witch- Battle Beyond

2. I Fight Dragons

This band is so cute and I love it! Their music is very 8-bit style and fun. It's probably the tamest/least intense of all the other music but that's why I like it. It's just happy. I love their Album: Demos That Didn't Make Kaboom! It's just an album of Demos that they didn't put in their first album. My favorite song is Night and Day because it's easy to sing to and the beat is cute!
I Fight Dragons- Night and Day

1. Ken Ashcorp

My favorite artist recently is Ken Ashcorp and I know Aggroe loves him as much as I do! All of his songs are beyond amazing!! They all sound different and I love that. Most of them are really nerdy but you couldn't tell unless you listen. Then there are some that are just plain hilarious and nerdy and I love them! I couldn't pick a favorite song if I tried. I love them all. So I'll post a few of them for you all~ He's also a gamer and has a gorgeous voice! (musician crush~)!
Ken Ashcorp- Touch Fluffy Tail His song about the game Monster Girl Quest (One of my favorite games).
Ken Ashcorp- What PS2? Song about the Navy Seal Creepypasta! It's HILARIOUS!!
Ken Ashcorp- 20 Percent Cooler Brony Song. Most. Epic. Brony. Song. EVER.

Enjoy all of this lovely music and share some of your favorite artists!
Anemone <3

Aggroe's belated anime talk~

Good morning all!
I finished watching Dangan Ronpa: Zetsubou no Gakuen to Kibou no Koukousei (Dangan Ronpa: Academy of Despair and Students of Hope) last night, as I was planning to post this review then.
So I really like this genre of anime, and I'll probably be biased towards it. Murder mysteries, connection to the characters, I really like that whole theme.
Dangan Ronpa is based off of a PSP game of the same name. It's pretty cool, actually, I wish I could get my hands on it. The basic storyline is that there is a school for talented/famous high schoolers. EVERYONE wants into this school. They are entered based on talent, but every year, when freshmen enter, there is one chosen as the "Super Duper Lucky High Schooler". Their talent is luck, or lack thereof as you will see later. There are 15 students in total. These 15 freshman soon find out that it isn't an ordinary school. Not only are they trapped, but in order to graduate, they have to slaughter each other!

I give the OP theme 5/5, it had a cool upbeat song, and the pictures and sequences were just generally epic.
The premis is very interesting. I really enjoyed it, the first episode captured my attention. Curiosity was piqued from the very beginning. Naegi, the lucky one this time around, wakes up in the school. Why? How did he get here? Was this Hope's Peak Academy? Why are all the windows and doors sealed?

I also liked the characters a lot. Every character had something unique, and every one of them challenged social norms in some way. Despite being buff and masculine, Sakura-chan is a gentle, kind girl who enjoys tea with her friends... She is just strong. Yasuhiro is actually into things like tarot cards and crystal balls, sort of a mystic~. Social norms are challenged and broken, and I love that! Any anime that does that is a good one in my books. I won't tell you the others, as many of them are important to the storyline and spoilers are for later, but here's a few of my favorite characters.

Sybil anyone?
Fukawa, her name is Fukawa
Chihiro-san, the Programmer

I give the character design 4.5/5, all the characters had something to bring to the story, and all of them were unique and intriguing.
The ending was magnificent.
As far as the ending is concerned, I really liked the ambiguousness of it all. There was no reason to show us the outside world, so they left it up to our imagination. It was wonderful. I had a feeling that was where they were heading, and it was nice.
Although, I didn't see Enoshima being the mastermind. That was kind of a shock, I'll admit. At first it seemed like Deus Ex Machina, but it actually fit very well. All the clues led to it, and I don't see how I didn't see it coming.
Still, it felt sort of like they could have done better with the revealing of the mastermind.
I give the ending 4/5, as I liked it, but I feel that it could've been a lot better. It was sort of anti-climactic.
The art in this show is beautiful, I really like the way it flowed. There are parts where the art style switches, such as the death scenes, but I enjoyed the change. I give the art 5/5.

All in all, for an anime based on a video game, Dangan Ronpa is a well drawn show with unique, interesting character that really makes you think about the world. There is a lot to ponder in it, especially once you see the ending. What will a person will do for freedom? Dangan Ronpa asks us this question and offers up its own answer.
Also, it's just extremely entertaining~
Aggroe's Overall Rating: 9/10

Madlax First Impressions!

Hello Everyone!
I'd first like to share that I posted a new playthrough of the Attack on Titan game on our youtube. Aggroe has posted Katawa Shoujo part 2, Monster Girl Quest part 1, and a translation for the Drama CD Starry Sky! Head over to our youtube and check them out!
Aggroe and Anemone Youtube
So today is anime day and I haven't been watching any new anime recently. I haven't really gotten into the new anime season of shows that have started because none of them have interested me yet. Anime just hasn't been on my mind recently. So why not watch one together right?
What I'm going to do is find a random anime I know absolutely nothing about and watch the first episode and give my feedback! I'll post the episode here so you all can watch it too. I'll search them alphabetically, pick a random letter and pick the first one that jumps out at me.
Let's see here~
I chose Madlax!
I've never heard of this anime and I'm not reading the description so I'm going in with nothing. Lets do this! :D
WARNING: I'll be talking about the anime as I watch it so if you don't like spoilers then watch it before reading my first impressions/thoughts.
So the opening is very pretty with a very slow and pretty song. The theme doesn't really catch my eye and I don't care for the song. The art looks pretty though! Lets keep going~
The beginning caught me off guard. Can the little girl see two different worlds? I'm pretty curious about her. The anime starts off with this girl seeing two worlds. There's a woman who jumps off a plane and explosions everywhere. There's also a war going on. That's pretty obvious. 
I'm about 10 minutes in and all that has happened really is war. Shootings, explosions, betrayal, more shooting. As much as I love intense fighting scenes this one is all over the place and I don't really care for it. The woman that jumped from the plane earlier seems like she is a spy. She is saving the boy in the picture from a trap. I don't know why she's helping him yet so let's find out~!
I reached the mid point not too long after the last update. She's helping him because he's carrying the information. I should have guessed that. I can also sense romantic tension between the two. I'm not super interested so far.
The boy then gives this random stranger girl his information that she needs him for and runs off. The woman then starts hallucinating. The guy runs into an enemy base to save his friend (foster father) which has to be the most interesting thing that's happened so far.
Okay so I was wrong, the most interesting thing that's happened was the bad ass woman changed into a dress and heels, took down like 3 or 4 enemy vehicles, jumped out of a tree, stole a vehicle and drove away. She's my favorite character so far because she seems to know what she's doing. 
He asks her out on a date and she says yes! It was really cute. And then he died probably from blood loss. First time I felt emotion throughout this whole episode.
Made it to the end. I don't really care for the ending song. So my first impression is that this first episode was a bit boring. It had a few intense parts that I liked. I really love emotion and character connection when I watch an anime. I didn't really get that from this anime. It seems like it's putting together a neat story line! I'm pretty curious what the information she collected is about. I'm also curious to know more about her and who she is working for and why? 
All in all it strikes me curiosity but I can't seem to keep interested and focused on it. I'm sure it has a good story but it just doesn't catch my eye. I don't think I'll continue watching this. For those of you who want to continue it let us know what you think of it! 
Don't get  butthurt over my reviews either. I'm posting my own personal opinions. I'm also not the person that will bash on an anime. None of what I say is meant offensively so don't even bother arguing. I do like feedback though so go ahead and tell us what you like or didn't like! 
I'm kind of liking this whole picking out a random anime and reviewing it as I watch it. I'll try it again next week but if anyone wants to recommend an anime go ahead and comment here or on our Facebook~
Anemone <3

Monday, October 28, 2013

Book Talks with Aggroe!

I'm sorry for abandoning you all again... I've had an... interesting weekend, to say the least. Most notably, I'm getting over the flu! Yay!
Anyways, in general Aggroe news, I've finished up to track 3 (and half of track 4) of my Starry*Sky Seiza Kareshi fan translation project!I have discovered a much better way to post them, so you'll have to wait for me to put it into a video with the audio files, but those should be ready soon. Also, I finished Katawa Shoujo playthrough part 2, but I have yet to format and edit the video itself. Windows Movie Maker hates working with me, but I think that I'm getting the hang of things... *hasn't used WMM since elementary school* ... *is very bad at it* Also, I made a playthrough of a horrible eroge (hentai game) called Monster Girl Quest. Anemone is going to play through it too, it's actually really epic! It's an RPG Visual Novel, and it's pretty fun. Watch it here~
Well, since today is Sunday, I'll be discussing books! I'm sure you've all seen or heard of the show Game of Thrones, right? I hope you all know that that show is based off of an EPIC book series by George R. R. Martin! Eheh... This may sound cliche and all, but the books are 10 million times better! True, there's less sex and more dragons/amazingness/plots/feels, but that makes it better in it's own way. Sex in a show isn't a problem, unless it replaces plot. Plot is good. Without plot, you've just got porn. And there's a time and a place for that shit.
*ahem* Excuse me, I've lost my filter.
A Song of Ice and Fire: George R. R. Martin
There are 5 books in total, and Georgie (if I can call him that... Know that I have a ton of respect for this man, he is wonderful~!) is planning to write 2 more. I have all 5 books so far, and love reading them in my spare time. I've already finished the series twice! It's heartwrenching, bloody, violent, eloquent, somewhat sexy if you're into the whole incest thing, and just all around well written.
This series is wonderful~ It's beyond words! But I will write words anyway.
Just a warning: If you don't know already, BE CAREFUL OF becoming attached to characters! THEY ALL DIE! THERE IS NO HAPPY ENDING!
You know Attack on Titan/Shingeki no Kyojin? Character death like a boss.
Horrible things happen to everyone, especially the main characters! Hell, at the end of the first book... Well, I can't tell you in case someone reading this hasn't seen the show or read the books.
I have to say that while the show isn't all I hoped for and more, it's DEFINITELY better than a lot of books that have been adapted for TV... A lot better. It helps that Georgie actually is the director... or something. I know he oversees and approves choices, anyways.

Twincest!... Yummy?

Daenarys Targaryan: Mother of Dragons!...and hopefully future queen of the Seven Kingdoms!

I have a good idea for what is going to happen, and about Jon Snow's true identity is, but we won't know until the series is done.
Yeah, it's a wonderful book series. They have a D&D-esque RPG based around the series, and it's pretty damn cool. Check it out!
That's this week's book review! I hope you all have a marvelous weekend! Are your Halloween preparations nearing their end~?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Mecha, Abuse, and Super Hero Dreams! (Random Babble)

Good Evening everyone~
So it's pretty late, I just got home from work and I'm beyond exhausted! 
I'm just gonna babble on about some nonsense stuff that's been on my mind. I'll post some real stuff tomorrow but I'm too tired to think.
Today I went to the pumpkin patch with a friend and got lost in the corn maze. Which was pretty amazing considering the maze was Bug's Life themed! My childhood, no joke. 
After that we watched Pacific Rim. We saw the movie in theaters when it first came out. If you haven't seen Pacific Rim you are missing out! It's one of my new favorites! The soundtrack to the movie fit so perfectly! The costume design was gorgeous. Special effects wonderful! Story line and battle scenes are FUCK YES. Basically watch it.
This time around we talked about how amazingly epic it would be to turn that movie into an anime! Seriously though! Just add a little bit more character development, some more character backgrounds and connections. It can be about the challenges the other characters went through before they joined the Jeager Program. Like the Chinese or Russian teams, or even the Australian father and son! Right? Talk about amazing. It'd be like Attack on Titan, but with mecha! :D
Earlier this week I watched a news channel discuss a viral video about a girl beating her boyfriend and pretty much the whole video they were laughing at him. It's a comedy news channel but seriously? Fuck anyone who thinks it's okay to hit another human no matter the gender. I've taken several years of martial arts and if there is one thing I've learned it would be that "nobody has the right to touch you". 
I keep having insane super hero dreams. I'm currently working on a few short stories. I'll have them up here for you guys to read in a bit! They're pretty amazing too! Super heroes, flying, costumes, princesses, there was even a super hot space prince in one of my dreams and I'm pretty excited to share my short stories with you. 
I'm going to get some sleep and do a real post tomorrow ^^"
Anemone <3

Saturday, October 26, 2013

Attack on Titan the GAME!?

Hey Everyone!
So I found something super exciting and overly addictive. I spent probably 4 hours the other day playing this game! If I remember it right Aggroe sent it to me. If anyone else is a big Attack on Titan fan you're going to LOVE this!
There is an online game you can play by yourself or there's a multi-player mode where you can play it with a friend. The game is called Attack on Titan based off the anime. You choose a character, choose your level and area and go battle titans! The controls are fairly simple once you get used to them. I probably kept hitting walls the first 10 minutes I tried to play this!
Click this link to play this awesome game!
Play Attack on Titan
For those of you who haven't seen the anime it's still a pretty awesome game so give it a go!
Another game that recently came out about a week or two ago is the new Stanley Parable game! Stanley Parable is a game where you are a man in an office and you push buttons. Something strange has happened and a Narrator is telling a story. The game has a lot of different endings and I can't wait to get this game!
You can buy the game or try the demo on steam now~
Play Stanley Parable

Enjoy those games and tell me what you think!
Anemone <3

Friday, October 25, 2013

Kumoricon Photos~

Hello Everyone~
So this weekend I was supposed to be going to Akicon 2013. (Which would have been my first year at Akicon). Since I'm moving out in less than a month I wasn't able to make it sadly. I was pretty excited about it too but I guess that's what I get for being an adult. BLEH!

Anyways It got me thinking about Kumoricon a few months ago. I figured since I wont have any Akicon photos why not post my favorites from Kumoricon?! :D 
This first photo an awesome guy came up and  handed me a giant sword. I'm way too happy with this picture. I love it when people do awesome stuff like this! 

This next one is Princess Euphy fighting with this AWESOME Sasha from Attack on Titan! I wanted to take a picture like this for a while XD

These next few are of my and a few other Code Geass Characters together~

These next ones are cosplayers with really awesome dresses! 

Last I ended this day as Bloody Euphemia. This picture I was trying to Yandere face but it looks like I'm really just flipping people off! Sorry! 

So those were my princess Euphy days at Kumoricon! I hope everyone who is going to Akicon this weekend has a good time! See you guys next time~
Anemone <3

The (not so) Wonderful World of Drama CDs~!

Mina-san, konbanwa!
Good evening, everyone~
Today, I am going to talk about something that I didn't think I'd share on here, heh. I, normally, prefer games like Left 4 Dead, Fallout, .Hack, etc... But lately I've been doing a lot of PC gaming. Since my laptop can only handle so much, I've been playing a lot of interesting visual novels, some are mysteries, some horror, and some are even, yes I dare to say it, romantic! *gasp*
Yes, I am referring to Otome Games!
Haha, anyways, as it turns out I've also discovered Drama CDs! These are a GREAT way for me to practice my Japanese, since it's really hard to find people in this area who know Japanese and are willing to practice with me. I also decided that if I translate them myself, as many don't have English translations, I will accomplish 3 things:
1: My Japanese will get better! (Dakara, ima ore wa mada jyouzu janee)

 2: I won't end up with a splitting headache and have to translate it every single time I want to listen to one. Hey, I get bored from time to time! Plus, it's comforting hearing voices speaking Japanese, I think... I dunno why, though.


3: All those lonely, bored, high school girls in America can enjoy them~!

There's one Otome game in particular that I've been enjoying. It's called "Starry*Sky" and there are four versions, one for each season! So far only ~in Spring~ has been translated into English, but if I can figure out how to make a patch for a game, I'll try getting a group together to translate the other three into English.
Basically, this game personifies the 12 star signs, each one is a handsome guy. There are three in each version. The Pisces is a major tsundere... urgh. He's kind of annoying~
They made an anime out of this too, but I haven't seen it yet. I'm gonna check it out when I get done with all my other anime, haha.
If I were to rate it...
Story: 3/5 stars, it was good but could be better.
Characters: 4/5 stars, I feel that they really did a good job projecting the signs as characters.
Art: 6/5 stars, the artwork made this game worth playing! I just want to look at these pictures all the time!
Voice acting: 4.5/5 stars, it was pretty damn good.

Anyways, back onto topic, there are different drama CDs for this game. Remember how I talked about the Yandere drama CDs? These are similar, except the relationship is MUCH MUCH healthier~
In any case, the drama CDs for this game fall into two categories: Seiza Kareshi (Constellation Boyfriend) and Seiza Danna (Constellation Husband). Pretty obvious, yeah? Well, I'm translating the Seiza Kareshi series right now, as I have WAAAAAY too much time on my hands! I'm starting with Pisces, simply because his pronounciation is fairly easy for me to understand, although Cancer's is more easily understood...
I've only done Track 1 so far, the intro, but I'm posting it here!
Urgh, I'll just copy+paste the text below, that will be easiest.
If you want a link to buy the CD, it's Vol. 3, then here it is! The link goes to Amazon, but if you search Seiza Kareshi Drama CD I bet you'll find it elsewhere in no time!
Also, I'm sure there are other places to get it. This /is/ the internet, after all. I encourage you to buy it, but I can't force you, haha~
Oh, also, I'm willing to collaberate with other Japanese speakers out there! My translation is definitely not 100% perfect, as my vocabulary in Japanese is low, plus I translated the whole thing by ear. I know a lot of Japanese, but mostly sentence structures, slang, verbs, and some words here and there. I'm bad with colloquialisms and such...Yeah, this is my first translation EVER! I'm pretty damn proud, even though it's not great... It took me FOUR HOURS and this is a THREE MINUTE TRACK!... Still, I'm proud~ *posting it at the VERY bottom*

...Well, that's enough of my incredibly, surprisingly girly, post...
I'll be posting a playthrough of Monster Girl Quest soon, hopefully tomorrow, so look forward to an amazingly perverted time~!

Please feel free to request translations~! I really enjoy translating stuff, and it helps me out too! I have a lot of free time on my hands, so feel free to ask!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

How To Get A Boyfriend/Girlfriend

So I see a lot of nerdy kids or social outcasts having a lot of trouble getting a girlfriend or a boyfriend because they are obviously going for the wrong people and just don't know it! So today I'm going to share some tips on how to get a boyfriend or girlfriend if you are a nerdy pathetic looser! Here we go! :D (Beware: Major sarcasm intended!)

1. If you want to ask a girl/guy out talk to them first! Talk about your least favorite things like working on cars or body building and DON'T YOU DARE bring up how much you love the new season of Walking Dead or the fact that you just bought Pokemon X instead of Y! Because if you do that you're only going to get those horribly nasty relationships where people actually care about what you like and not about getting laid!

2. This one is important! Spend a ton of money on the person you like! Because it'll be worth skipping that convention for a really hot hooker! Trust us! What? You think you're actually going to meet someone special at that dorkfest anyways? I think not!

3. Never look like yourself! Wear only cool clothes as in plain T-shirts and jeans! Only that. Never dress like yourself. No boy or girl will ever love you if you wear that stupid Star Trek shirt. Also wear make up. And chains. And lots of it. Boys and girls. Just do it.

4. Give up your life. You don't need to play those stupid video games or go out to D&D with your friends if it means your gonna get laid! Seriously. Being in a relationship is SO much better than having a real fun life with actual friends!

5. If she or he likes any of the same bullshit you actually like then get rid of them because their obviously fake or trying to use you! They don't give a crap about real relationships! Everyone knows geeky guys are ugly and geeky girls are fake! Don't give in to it!
I hope you enjoyed these wonderful tips! Go get yourself a babe!

Hey guys~ So I posted those last few tips so maybe you can get a good laugh! Now I kind of want to be serious in case some of you really are having trouble or feel lonely.
1. Talk to the girl or guy that you think is cute and bring up things that you like. If they're not interested then find someone who is.
2. If a girl/guy only wants you for money or sex then they're not worth having in your life. There is so much more to do with your life than waste time on people. In fact go to that convention and meet the love of your life! They're plenty of babes.
3. Always dress the way you want. Sporting that geeky T-shirt can attract someone who also loves that same thing! Be comfortable. Don't worry about your body size or shape. Someone will love those curves or those bones or those muscles,  but please stay hygienic and clean.
 4. Live your life to the fullest. Do what you want to do and not what will attract a girl or guy. Doing what you love will attract people with the same interests! They can easily become great friends or a relationship!
5. If you meet someone with the same interests as you who you think is cute then make a move and don't be shy! It may seem hard at first but chances are you they probably feel the same way about you!

I hope you can all get a good laugh at yourself with the fake tips and I hope the real tips are helpful. Don't be afraid to talk to that cute girl because she looks too pretty to like the things you like. Don't be afraid to talk to that hot guy while you have acne on your face. Some people can really surprise you! Be yourself and be open!
If anyone would like more advice on the same topic or you want to request a different topic you can go to our Facebook Page and private message us~ Have a wonderful day!
Anemone <3