Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Madlax First Impressions!

Hello Everyone!
I'd first like to share that I posted a new playthrough of the Attack on Titan game on our youtube. Aggroe has posted Katawa Shoujo part 2, Monster Girl Quest part 1, and a translation for the Drama CD Starry Sky! Head over to our youtube and check them out!
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So today is anime day and I haven't been watching any new anime recently. I haven't really gotten into the new anime season of shows that have started because none of them have interested me yet. Anime just hasn't been on my mind recently. So why not watch one together right?
What I'm going to do is find a random anime I know absolutely nothing about and watch the first episode and give my feedback! I'll post the episode here so you all can watch it too. I'll search them alphabetically, pick a random letter and pick the first one that jumps out at me.
Let's see here~
I chose Madlax!
I've never heard of this anime and I'm not reading the description so I'm going in with nothing. Lets do this! :D
WARNING: I'll be talking about the anime as I watch it so if you don't like spoilers then watch it before reading my first impressions/thoughts.
So the opening is very pretty with a very slow and pretty song. The theme doesn't really catch my eye and I don't care for the song. The art looks pretty though! Lets keep going~
The beginning caught me off guard. Can the little girl see two different worlds? I'm pretty curious about her. The anime starts off with this girl seeing two worlds. There's a woman who jumps off a plane and explosions everywhere. There's also a war going on. That's pretty obvious. 
I'm about 10 minutes in and all that has happened really is war. Shootings, explosions, betrayal, more shooting. As much as I love intense fighting scenes this one is all over the place and I don't really care for it. The woman that jumped from the plane earlier seems like she is a spy. She is saving the boy in the picture from a trap. I don't know why she's helping him yet so let's find out~!
I reached the mid point not too long after the last update. She's helping him because he's carrying the information. I should have guessed that. I can also sense romantic tension between the two. I'm not super interested so far.
The boy then gives this random stranger girl his information that she needs him for and runs off. The woman then starts hallucinating. The guy runs into an enemy base to save his friend (foster father) which has to be the most interesting thing that's happened so far.
Okay so I was wrong, the most interesting thing that's happened was the bad ass woman changed into a dress and heels, took down like 3 or 4 enemy vehicles, jumped out of a tree, stole a vehicle and drove away. She's my favorite character so far because she seems to know what she's doing. 
He asks her out on a date and she says yes! It was really cute. And then he died probably from blood loss. First time I felt emotion throughout this whole episode.
Made it to the end. I don't really care for the ending song. So my first impression is that this first episode was a bit boring. It had a few intense parts that I liked. I really love emotion and character connection when I watch an anime. I didn't really get that from this anime. It seems like it's putting together a neat story line! I'm pretty curious what the information she collected is about. I'm also curious to know more about her and who she is working for and why? 
All in all it strikes me curiosity but I can't seem to keep interested and focused on it. I'm sure it has a good story but it just doesn't catch my eye. I don't think I'll continue watching this. For those of you who want to continue it let us know what you think of it! 
Don't get  butthurt over my reviews either. I'm posting my own personal opinions. I'm also not the person that will bash on an anime. None of what I say is meant offensively so don't even bother arguing. I do like feedback though so go ahead and tell us what you like or didn't like! 
I'm kind of liking this whole picking out a random anime and reviewing it as I watch it. I'll try it again next week but if anyone wants to recommend an anime go ahead and comment here or on our Facebook~
Anemone <3

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