Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Yo yo yo everyone! Today, at the GLORIOUS time of 5:30 am, I will be telling you about Ib (pronounced Eve in English; It's a Japanese game)

This is a picture, stolen from Anemone, of one of the three major characters and his insanity moment! Basically, the game takes place in an art gallery when Eve/Ib, an 8/9 year old girl, goes exploring on her own! Eventually, she ends up in a parallel art gallery in a parallel universe based on the artist that the gallery is having a show on. She gets some help, but if you are slow and stupid like I am, he goes insane... But it's fixable, just creepy... and I think it affects the ending.

I LOVED this game! It is a horror/adventure game that can be downloaded for free, but I couldn't get it to run when I had my Mac, the OS didn't support it. Of course it didn't. Anyways, it's creepy, a tiny bit funny, and has a few twists! Also, some seemingly uneventful things can change the ending. Unlike most games where it's obvious, in this one, it isn't so obvious.There's a lot of puzzle solving, too. The puzzles are fairly difficult, some of them stumped even me for a while! Well, here is the link to the download (from CNET). I tested it, and there are no viruses... CNET is generally pretty good about that. If it doesn't work, comment and I'll post another link or so.
When it's downloaded, (I believe you just unzip it into it's own folder) click on RPG_RT to play the game! It's highlighted here, bear in mind that it's 5th from the bottom.
Well, I hope you enjoy playing Ib! I think that'll be my next Tuesday playthrough... *completely forgot I had it yesterday* ....... *facepalm*

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