Friday, January 31, 2014

Ninja Turtles, Tarzan, and Fault in Our Stars!

Hello everyone! Anemone here~ So today was pretty full and exhausting. Aggroe made me breakfast in bed with coffee, my boyfriend came over and both us and our roommates went out on a picnic in 40 degree weather because that's how we do.
My boyfriend and I were debating which generation of the ninja turtles was the best. The 1987 version, 2003, or 2012. Honestly my favorite is the newest one. I adore the style, love the opening theme, and Donatello's voice sounds like orgasm. <3 He preferred the 2003 version. I have to admit it does have a really catchy theme song! While I adore April, she seems much more bad ass in the older episodes! Now I haven't seen the older versions and he hasn't seen the newest one but I'm pretty open to watching them and it will probably be what I am doing this weekend. With a box of pizza of course! ;)
TMNT 1987 Theme Song
TMNT 2003 Theme Song
TMNT 2012 Theme Song
We're both pretty excited about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that's coming out near the end of this year. I personally think the turtles look bad ass and I can't wait to see the trailer!
We've also discovered the voice actor for Donatello is Rob Paulsen and found out that he's played in quite a few of our favorite older cartoons, Disney movies, and even a few video games. It is now our goal to meet him some day! Because his voice just steals my soul. It's so good though <3
Rob Paulsen not only did Donatello's voice for the 2012 TMNT but he also did the original Rafael's voice from the 1987 TMNT! Give's me even more reason to watch it!
Also, just to end this topic, I totally ship Donny and April. OTP <3

Anyways, I also found out some pretty neat things today such as there is a live action Tarzan movie being made! (Or less Live action and more CGI motion capture? Kind of like Avatar).... I'm very excited about this because Tarzan is my all time favorite Disney movie! It should be coming out this year so I am fairly excited!
Also while on the topic of new movies coming out this year (Just let me add there are a TON of good ones I am looking forward to!). The trailer for The Fault in Our Stars came out just the other day! Hank Green is one of my all time favorite youtubers and I adore his books. It comes out this year in June! 

Challenge Time!

Day 30- Your anime sex life!

Now pretty much every anime that isn't hentai rarely ever has sex (though nearly all of them have fan service). I would choose my sex life to be like Usagi and Misaki's relationship in Junjou Romantica! I'm not really a big fan of Yaoi, but I love Junjou! Even though a lot of people claim their relationship is just rape, it's actually very meaningful and true. Those are the idiots who have only seen the first episode.
Seriously though! They do have a bit of forceful sex but they love each other and are dear to one another and they both enjoy it! As hard and hilarious as it is.

Also, my bed looks just like Usagi's bed. Covered in stuffed animals. It's a sign.

It's that time you have all been waiting for! Anemone's hentai of the day! I usually hate teacherXstudent stuff but this one had kind of a silly story to it!
Momoiro Closer

That's all for tonight! I'm off to bed! Good night everyone!
Anemone <3

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