Saturday, January 25, 2014

Video Games, Butlers, and Pokemans! :D Anemone is back~

Hello Everyone! Anemone here! I'm back from my parents~
Since there was no internet there I wasn't able to post. Though I had a really good time. I taught my sisters how to play Pokemon Fire Red and Warcraft III. My oldest sister caught a Rattata and named her "Tata" for short. We gave her a ton of shit about that and how she wanted a 'level 36 Tata' ;) I shall forever call Rattata's 'Tata'.
I also creamed everyone at Mario Kart. Now everyone can play Mario Kart but I haven't played it in SO LONG! I thought I was going to suck because I don't even remember half of the race tracks. No. Not even. I kicked major butt. I'm way prouder of myself that I should be about this. Haters be Hatin'.
My week wasn't all that well because everyone in my household got really sick with the stomach flu. So much vomit. I took more showers than an Olympic swimmer and went through nearly a bottle of hand sanitizer.
Anyways, I am back and happy!
Also Aggroe and I were discussing the pictures we use on our blog. We often times post fan art. If you know who the artist is or you are the artist then please inform us so we can give credit to those who's pictures we use~ It can be a pain to find an artist (especially when there are so many copies around the internet).

Day 21- Accessories!

As for an Accessory, I chose the key on Nano's back from Nichijou just because it is so dang cute. It is an accessory because she wears it and it doesn't really have much use like most accessories!

Day 22- Technology!

I would want Akira's phone from Eden of the East!
Eden of the East is one of my favorite Anime. Akira's phone has a million dollars on it. I could make a call with the phone and ask for whatever I want. Even murder ;) So don't mess with me!

Day 23- Butler!

To be honest the only butler I really know of (or that I can remember) is Sebastian from Black Butler. I really like Black Butler! Sebastian is a demon that is the butler to the young boy Ciel Phantomhive. Let's just say he is "One hell of a butler"~ In fact having a demon butler would be the coolest thing honestly. Now excuse me as I drift off into a demon-butler fantasy!

Here is my HTD! (Hentai of the day! Stolen from Aggroe~)
Anemone's HTD
I hope you all like pokemans ;3 I've been playing Pokemon a lot lately and then I came across this... It's pretty cute. Also be warned, it is Yaoi! (I don't really like reading Yuri because I am straight and I don't like it but I will post them every now and then if I find good ones~)

Lastly, I was google searching for a picture of Rattata to go with my paragraph from earlier and you have no idea what I got....

Hope I could have messed you guys up just a little bit more so I don't feel as bad about being mentally insane :D Goodnight everyone!
Anemone <3
(PS, Aggroe I know you took my heated blanked you butt face!! THIS MEANS WAR)

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