Thursday, January 16, 2014

SOME FUN UPDATES~ (why am I shouting at you guys?)

Hello everyone! It's the one, the only, Aggroe!
We almost have that truth or dare video done, so look forward to it soon! Also, I have a new playthrough for you guys~ Amnesia: The Dark Descent! This game is one that nearly everyone has heard of, and it is truly as terrifying as those before me have claimed. I WAS SO TERRIFIED! I played a bit of it before, up until the water monster, but that's as far as I got... I left it for a while, long enough to forget the majority of it, and then played it for you guys, so enjoy~
It will be up tomorrow since I'm too damn tired to edit and post it tonight...~
First off, today's challenge! (and yesterday's too...~)
Day 14: Ending Theme
If my life were an anime, the ending theme would definitely be the opening to Dangan Ronpa. Yes, I realize that it's an OP... However, this song is epic, fun to listen to, and the lyrics are pretty great~ I feel like it's not only fun and catchy, but it also defines my life (abstractly, of course~)
I love it!
Day 15: Character Theme
My character theme would have to be something similar to this. I love it to death, and if the instrumental track to this defined my character, I might just die of happiness~! In fact, it might be this song itself, words and all, that I would pick as my character theme...~
Also, technically it counts...
There was an anime made from Sonic, and Sonic was originally a Japanese concept...
So it counts...!
Now, here's a little gem I found on the internet last night. It's not nerdy, but one of my FAVORITE things is pulling pranks. And here's the basis of my idea.
Sugarfree gummy bears! Seems harmless, right? I'm planning on setting them out in a candy dish at the next convention I go to. How nice of me!
Here are some GREAT reviews of the product~
(warning: these are pretty graphic descriptions, not for the faint of heart.)
It turns out these gummy bears are made with a sweetener called Lycasin, and there are some people in the world who are used to it, namely diabetics. BUT for the rest of us, Lycasin causes gastrointestinal distress. Lycasin poisoning is what these people are describing, even though some of them only ate 2 or 3 bears! How much did Haribo put in these little maniacs!?
Anyways, take this bag of sugar-free hellions, and grab a bag of normal, sweet gummy bears. Mix them together and put them in Next time you have go to a party, bring the mix... and watch your handiwork~ This is my plan~
Well, that's about it for now~
I'm soooo tired, but I'm about to work out with Anemone a bit before bed~
What? That sounded dirty?
Ha, that's not what I meant! We're gonna lift weights, and work towards our goals~ One day, we'll be THIS SEXY!! >:D
I promise, this is still a nerdy blog~ This just happens to be a not-so-nerdy post...!
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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