Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years: Resolutions and Party!

Hey all!
Anemone here! So today I’m fairly exhausted. It’s the first day of jogging and I made it two miles. BUT IT’S JUST SO COLD! Anyways since it’s New Years (Or the second, whatever) And all, I’d love to share my New Year Resolutions! That's kind of boring isn't it? So let's do Geeky and Normal resolutions! Hopefully that spices things up a bit XD
  1.  Make another Anemone cosplay!
    One of my major bucket list goals is to make every Anemone outfit in the show. Her hoopskirt, plug suit, Military uniform, and ball gown. I’m not quite sure which one I want to make next but it is my goal to make one of them this year! I completed her hoopskirt last year! Hooray more Anemone!
  2. Hula Hoop every day! For those of you who don’t know, I love to hula hoop. I have a weighted exercise hoop that I have learned quite a few dance tricks to. Hula hooping is my favorite exercise and I’ve been doing it for months! I even performed at the Swimsuit Competition at Newcon. So even if it’s only 20 minutes a day I’m heading out and hooping!

  3. Run a successful Eeveelutions cosplay group!I’ve recently started a cosplay group with a few of my friends! We are all cosplaying Eeveelutions! Myself as (It should be obvious now) Sylveon! We hope to all join together this Kumoricon 2014 in Vancouver, Washington!
  4. Go jogging! Do Yoga! Do Weights!I adore working out but sometimes it’s difficult for me to stay motivated. So my roommates, my friends, and I all have a bunch of separate work out goals we are doing! Since mine are all scattered it’s just work out together or when everyone else is and hopefully we can inspire each other. Today was the first day of jogging and I ran 2 miles! Awesome!

  5. Catch ALL THE POKEMON! Aggroe and a friend of mine have recently gotten me hooked on Pokemon! Now don’t hate me but I never grew up playing the games like normal people have XD This is my first time ever playing them and my gosh do I LOVE THEM! I’m playing Fire Red right now with my trusty Charmader. I will catch them all >:D
  6. Go to Australia!I’ve wanted to go to Australia for years and years. So why want to go to Australia instead of somewhere like France or Japan or Hawaii!? There are MASSIVE SPIDERS there!! Honestly Australia is just awesome! Surfing, skydiving, bridge climbing, swimming with sharks, scuba diving, bungee jumping, deadly outback camping, camel ridding, paddle boarding!? Seriously sounds like the most epic place on earth!

  7. Read 52 books!This includes comic books and manga. Basically I don’t like reading new things. If it doesn’t catch my interest I won’t try it. It’s a bad habit I want to break out of! So one book a week should help! Starting with Hunger Games recommended to me by my sister.

  8. Eat More!I have a goal to eat at least 3 meals a day. Now to some people this might seem weird. This is a very personal goal. I am really, really thin and I can eat a TON! It’s just part of my metabolism! Though sometimes when I stress out I will non-consciously stop eating. I just eat less and less until I realize I had nothing. So 3 meals a day, plus working out will hopefully help me de-stress and gain some weight!

  9. Do another couples cosplay!I love cosplay so much! I love making my own outfits and fem!Makoto has to be one of my favorite
    cosplays I have done (Even though it was my smallest). Though I really enjoy cosplaying by myself I’d rather cosplay with friends. I’ve done a few couples cosplays before but since I’ve been single, couple cosplays hasn’t been a thing for me and I miss it! So my goal for this year is to do a couple cosplay!
  10.  Get a Job Worth Having!Everyone (Or pretty much everyone) has been in that stage where they HATE their job. That’s me right now. I’m training this weekend for a new job but as of right now I cannot stand working where I am.  
So there are my 10 New Year Resolutions. Kind of ^^" I didn't go too much into them but those are the personal and nerdy goals of my year! Anyone is free to join me if they are interested in the similar goals! I'll post more about them as I do them! I WILL NOT DROP MY GOALS!
Now to get to the fun stuff! Aggroe and I actually had a really amazing New Years party with the roommates and friends! We basically stayed home playing video games, drinking sparkling cider, eating tacos, we build the most epic gingerbread houses (I know those are for Christmas but whatever, we did them New Years Eve!) And flew mini helicopters in each others faces that may result in us getting a few from wal mart and killing each other with them!

Roommate and I under the Christmas tree!

No It's Apple Cider I Swear!
Mine and Grant's Mecha Gingerbread House!
Have a lovely New Years and make goals you can stick too! Also tell us what your goals are! Tell us what you did for New Years here at our facebook page: Aggroe and Anemone Facebook Page!
Anemone <3

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