Friday, January 31, 2014

Blowing Up Children!

Evening Everyone!
It's technically my morning since I just woke up from a 6 hour nap. I was out and about pretty much all morning.
So the other day I found a hilarious video about a Stay in School ad. I recommend watching it just because it's kind of hilarious.
Set Yourself Free
1. Who uses paper maps?
2. No one skips school by climbing out windows and over fences. They just leave.
3. Bomb site beach? Really?
I love this to death because of how ridiculous it is! Watch it for yourself and share the craziness.

Anyways I'm still reading the Hunger Games. I'm still aiming towards reading 52 books in a year though I am a really slow reader. 
I'm really in love with it. The last post I talked about it I said I liked it a lot more than I did the movie. It's true! There is so much character connection in the book that isn't in the movie! There's much more of a back story in the books. You learn a lot about how Peeta and Katniss's relationship form. If you love the movie or even like it I would recommend reading the book for sure. It only gets better.


Day 31-Job!

I would want my anime job to be a Hero. I would love to be a hero. Now I know that's kind of vague, but I would be any kind of hero really. It wouldn't really matter to me if I got super hero powers. I'd be okay with a special weapon but I can't really think of an anime. Nothing really comes to mind. If anything I think of Luka from Monster Girl Quest. That isn't an anime but that's as close to my dream job description as I can get.

Actually if anyone I think I would chose to be a hero like Kirito from Sword Art Online. He reminds me a bit of Luka. He's a kid learning his way to do whats right and save people. Therefor I would want to be a hero like Kirito!

Next month we will be doing a video game challenge! Feel free to join us and post your answers on our facebook page!

It's time for anemone's hentai of the day!! Yay! I think we could all use a little hentai today. 
I really enjoy the anime Attack On Titan so this one is for you ErenXMikasa lovers! 
Baby Making Practice With Eren

That's all for today~ Remember kids. Stay in school ;)
Anemone <3

Anime Feels and Funny Pictures~

Last night's post had GREAT content, but it was a bit sad design-wsie...~ A reminder to me to always ALWAYS preview before publishing.
So I don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit sad today. I guess it's mostly that I watched Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ all the way through last night. Sure, it was sexy and funny and sweet... BUT IT WAS SO FREAKING SAD! MY SOUL IS DEAD, CRUSHED, RIPPED TO SHREDS!

HRNG WHY MOMOKO WHY!?!? The ending is really sweet, but... but... but... Why!? My soul is dead.
Yeah. That's about it for anime feels right now. I might die a bit more if I keep thinking about it.
So anyways.
Since I'm not popular, I'll do today's challenge~!
Day 31: Job
If I could choose a job from any anime, I would probably choose to be a teacher at Hakuou Academy from Hayate no Gotoku!
I'd probably replace her~
It's an academy for rich kids, so I assume it would pay well if you, y'know, did your job right. Also, I think it would be fun~ I've always wanted to teach, and I love pursuing knowledge!
That's it for January's challenge, we'll be posting February's challenge tomorrow! If you'd like to, you can do this with up! Just post your choice for each day and one or two sentences why, and then we'll compile them all~
It's that time of day again, for readers 18+~
Aggroe's HTD! (Hentai of the Day, for those who are new~)
Today is for all you loli fans! Thanks to this site, I've found a series called "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" or "Oreimo" for short. I'm not a loli fan, but the art in the doujins is really really great~ The title of this doujin doesn't leave much to the imagination, either~
Now, it's time for the daily dose of Japan!
ご主人様 (ごしゅじんさま)
Romanized as "goshujin-sama"
Pronounced "go-shoo-jeen-sah-mah"
This is one of my favorite words, I have to admit~ It means "master", though back in the olden days when sexism ran rampant through the world, it meant "husband". This is what maids and butlers call their masters, and I would die of blood loss if a cute maid ever called me this~ 
So today, as I mentioned, I'm feeling a bit depressed. Everything seems pretty overwhelming. But I don't want to complain, instead I want to post some things that make me smile! If you're having a bad day, then enjoy these fun things~! After this, I'm gonna go eat some protein waffles, which are actually really good...~ Anemone doesn't like them. Then read some Stephen King! Maybe rock out some Pokemon~

This video though... So beautiful~
Yeah, I guess that's about all I've got for today~
Good night, and sweet dreams!... Wait, that's not applicable at 3 pm. o.o
Talk to you later~

Video Games and Yuri~ (Aggroe's two favorite things!)

Good evening everyone! January's coming to a close, and my roommates and I are looking forward to an exciting February! As far as games I plan to try, there are a couple that pop out in my mind.
They will be listed in the order of how excited I am to try them, from least to most~
#5: Pokemon X or Y!
I don't actually have a 3DS, in fact, the newest DS I have is a DSi that I bought in Japan. If I were to invest in a 3DS it would only be for this game. I'm not too impressed by it, but Pokemon is Pokemon... And I like adventures~ X and Y are supposed to have some cool new features~
#4: Higurashi Series!

I loved the anime to death! I've seen it 3 or 4 times all the way through, minus the OVAs, so I want to play the original visual novels~ They seem so cool, despite the bad graphics!
#3: Penumbra
This game is supposed to be pretty Amnesia-esque, despite being a bit older. I'm looking forward to trying it out~ The screenshots make it look pretty scary!
#2:  Assassin's Creed II
I've actually never played this series before, though I'm looking to get my hands on it~ I've heard that the second one is the best... I /do/ plan on playing them in order, but this is the one I'm most excited about!
And my top game to try this year...
#1: Monster Girl Quest, RPG!
There is a new version of MGQ coming out, and here you can find some info about it~
Day 30: Anime Sex Life
If I could choose a sex life from any anime at all, I would choose  the relationship between Shinobu and Naitou from Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers.
Okay, first off, this manga was the first I had seen of sex in the manga/anime verse. Secondly, it was yuri that I had ever read. I haven't seen all the way through the anime yet, but the ending to the manga is super sweet. It starts off pretty one-sided, but becomes something wonderful. They are so beautiful together, and I want a girl like Naitou by my side, someone I can laugh with, talk with, and have wonderful sex with~ <3 *the only time you'll see me use a heart*
*this gif is absolutely positively related*
*so is this 18+ one*
While we're on the topic, it's time for...
Aggroe's HTD!
This isn't an original work, for once! It's a Sailor Moon doujin with some yuri/futanari stuff. Enjoy~ I know I did~
Now, for the daily dose of Japan!
Did you know?
Japanese high schools are set up WAY differently than American schools! I'm sure you knew that much, but did you know that they typically go to school for three months, then get a month long break? It's set up more like college, in that respect~ Also, the teachers change classrooms every period rather than the students! The only exception to that would be things like PE and swimming~
Everyone is expected to join a club, and to do well in that club. Also, some schools have classes on Saturdays... Not to mention, a lot of the kids are forced to go to cram school after normal school, which is all about cramming for entrance exams for college. These cram schools typically last until late at night. Fun, huh?
It's pretty late, and I want to watch some Shoujo Sect before bed, yum~
Good night and sweet dreams!

Ninja Turtles, Tarzan, and Fault in Our Stars!

Hello everyone! Anemone here~ So today was pretty full and exhausting. Aggroe made me breakfast in bed with coffee, my boyfriend came over and both us and our roommates went out on a picnic in 40 degree weather because that's how we do.
My boyfriend and I were debating which generation of the ninja turtles was the best. The 1987 version, 2003, or 2012. Honestly my favorite is the newest one. I adore the style, love the opening theme, and Donatello's voice sounds like orgasm. <3 He preferred the 2003 version. I have to admit it does have a really catchy theme song! While I adore April, she seems much more bad ass in the older episodes! Now I haven't seen the older versions and he hasn't seen the newest one but I'm pretty open to watching them and it will probably be what I am doing this weekend. With a box of pizza of course! ;)
TMNT 1987 Theme Song
TMNT 2003 Theme Song
TMNT 2012 Theme Song
We're both pretty excited about the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie that's coming out near the end of this year. I personally think the turtles look bad ass and I can't wait to see the trailer!
We've also discovered the voice actor for Donatello is Rob Paulsen and found out that he's played in quite a few of our favorite older cartoons, Disney movies, and even a few video games. It is now our goal to meet him some day! Because his voice just steals my soul. It's so good though <3
Rob Paulsen not only did Donatello's voice for the 2012 TMNT but he also did the original Rafael's voice from the 1987 TMNT! Give's me even more reason to watch it!
Also, just to end this topic, I totally ship Donny and April. OTP <3

Anyways, I also found out some pretty neat things today such as there is a live action Tarzan movie being made! (Or less Live action and more CGI motion capture? Kind of like Avatar).... I'm very excited about this because Tarzan is my all time favorite Disney movie! It should be coming out this year so I am fairly excited!
Also while on the topic of new movies coming out this year (Just let me add there are a TON of good ones I am looking forward to!). The trailer for The Fault in Our Stars came out just the other day! Hank Green is one of my all time favorite youtubers and I adore his books. It comes out this year in June! 

Challenge Time!

Day 30- Your anime sex life!

Now pretty much every anime that isn't hentai rarely ever has sex (though nearly all of them have fan service). I would choose my sex life to be like Usagi and Misaki's relationship in Junjou Romantica! I'm not really a big fan of Yaoi, but I love Junjou! Even though a lot of people claim their relationship is just rape, it's actually very meaningful and true. Those are the idiots who have only seen the first episode.
Seriously though! They do have a bit of forceful sex but they love each other and are dear to one another and they both enjoy it! As hard and hilarious as it is.

Also, my bed looks just like Usagi's bed. Covered in stuffed animals. It's a sign.

It's that time you have all been waiting for! Anemone's hentai of the day! I usually hate teacherXstudent stuff but this one had kind of a silly story to it!
Momoiro Closer

That's all for tonight! I'm off to bed! Good night everyone!
Anemone <3

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Eating disorders and how to cope~ (More of Aggroe's free therapy!)

Yoooo~! I hope everyone's having a good night! First off, some business~
If you like the blog, check out this page and ask me some questions! Next, I wanted to remind everyone to both add us on Facebook and like our page as well~ We update the page more frequently, but we're working on updating them the same amount!
Also, we're just about done with that truth or dare video from a few weeks back...~
I'm working on Monster Girl Quest part 2, Amnesia part 2, and a new Pokemon Challenge! So look forward to those~
Today, I'll be talking about some eating disorders, and how to cope with them. I personally haven't had an eating disorder, but I do understand the mindset and the psychology behind it. Think about this as free therapy~!
Day 29: Anime Eyes
I would pick Sunako Nakahara's eyes, from Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge.
She's played up in the anime to be really ugly, and unfeminine... But in reality, she's not that bad looking~ Her eyes are my favorite! I love their shape and color, she looks refined, mysterious, and kind of shy... I LOVE IT~
Now, for the daily dose of Japan~
Today is another word.
お回さん (おまわりさん)
Romanized as "omawari-san"

Pronounced "oh-ma-wa-ri-sa-n"
It means police officer, specifically the one's patrolling a certain street or area. I don't think they are around as much anymore, but if you see one and are having some kind of trouble, suck as someone stealing your purse, then you can call one over to help.
Now, the 18+ fun all you perverts have been waiting for...~
Aggroe's HTD!
Not that you guys really need to know or anything, but I really love maids and monster girls typically pick these hentai randomly. This one happened to be pretty cool~ It's mostly a bunch of h-pictures of cat-eared maids... In color, no less~! holyshitifeellikeishouldn'tbereadingthisrightnow 
Now for the talk of eating disorders! Before I get into it, remember... Even men develop this, due to social pressure! Just as women are expected to be thin, yet have large breasts, men are expected to be thin with huge muscles. Just look at Barbie and He-Man! Those names! Those expectations!

First off, I'd like to talk about the two different kinds, and where they come from.
There's Anorexia Nervosa and Bulimia Nervosa. Both of these are started by low self esteem, high standards of society, and/or wanting control over one's life.
They are typically associated with girls, but in modern society the numbers are evening out. The statistics are somewhere around 1 man for every 4 women (Anorexia) and 1 man for every 8-11 women (Bulimia). Typically, males are older than females when they develop an eating disorder, women usually begin in adolescence and young adulthood. Anorexia is thought to occur in 1/100 women, and Bulimia occurs in 3/100 women, but these numbers tend to be higher in college settings due to the higher stress level and need for control.
The origins of the words are pretty interesting, despite being quite old and not entirely accurate. Anorexia comes from the words "an" and "orexia", meaning "without appetite". Bulimia stems from "bous" and "limos", meaning "the hunger of an ox".
Now let me explain what they are.
Anorexia Nervosa is when a person chooses to go without food, and this reason doesn't stem from lack of appetite at all. Rather, it comes from a lack of self-esteem, a drive to be better and thinner, wanting to get back at a parent, and/or the need for control of SOMETHING in life. Anything. Life is unpredictable, and everyone wants some control over their life, that's very understandable. It is OFFICIALLY defined as someone who refuses to maintain a body weight above 85% of the recommended body weight for their height.

Bulimia Nervosa is defined by cycles of binging and purging, sometimes with vigorous exercise added as well. Basically, Bulimia is when someone eats a large amount of food in a short amount of time, and then consumes laxatives in order to purge it all from their system... Another common way to purge is by throwing back up what one just ate. Typically it stems from the same issues as Anorexia, though there is typically more guilt associated with Bulimia.
Both of these are very hard on one's body, and so below I will list the negative effects of both.

Some of the impacts this disorder has on your body are:
1. Slow Heart Rate
This happens for a multitude of reasons. The major reason, however, is because your body isn't getting the nutrients it needs to function. A scarier reason is that your heart is simply having trouble working. An interesting fact is that the body, in starvation mode, tends to burn muscle to fat at a 3:1 ratio. This means that your body slowly digests away your muscles, including your heart.
2. Low Blood Pressure
A lot of the time, you hear that high blood pressure is a problem... So is low blood pressure. This is directly related to the fact that your heart isn't beating as much, nor is it as strong as it should be. Also, as mentioned, your heart isn't getting the ATP and nutrients that it needs to run.
3. Low Body Temperature
It's a well known fact that those with low body fat have less insulation, and are therefore colder, not to mention overweight people are exactly the opposite, in that respect. This can be dangerous as it allows one to develop hypothermia and frostbite more easily.
4. Amenorrhea
This is only associated with women. Basically, it means that your menstrual cycle stops. Bye bye period! That may sound pretty good at first, but in reality, one's menstrual cycle provides hormones and chemicals needed for a lot of things in the body! It can cause infertility, brittle bones, estrogen deficiency (which causes excess hair growth, smaller breast size, and bone loss), and ovarian cysts.
One reason for the disorder is the perspective due to society's constant admonishing.
Bulimia Nervosa
1. Sore Throat
This is due to the constant regurgitation. The acid in one's stomach slowly tears down the lining in one's throat, doing a lot of damage to the esophagus, throat, salivary glands, and the enamel of one's teeth.
2. Gastrointestinal Issues
This can include constipation, irregular bowel movements, bloating, diarrhea, and abdominal cramping. These aren't issues immediately, though they are slightly frustrating to deal will, and will cause bigger problems if it continues.
3. Anemia
It's a problem with both Anorexia and Bulimia, but it is basically not getting enough iron in your diet. This is caused by both not eating it in the first place, and also by purging what iron you do happen to eat.
4. Ulcers
These are present in both the throat/mouth, and the stomach/digestive system. Ulcers can be very dangerous if not taken care of right away.

So that's basically the gist of what they are and what they do to one's body. Now, I will talk, specifically, to those who suffer from these types of mentalities.
Tip #1
So first off, similar to depression, have some sort of motivation! Remember that you are beautiful for who you are, and if you set some long term goals that don't have to do with weight, then focusing on them will help to break the cycle! I have dealt with feelings of inadequacy and lack of control, and have always dealt with them by giving myself a reason to strive. What are you working towards?
Tip #2 (this is mainly for A.N.)

Next, I recommend trying to find healthy ways to lose weight online. Instead of not eating at all, why not drink a protein shake in the morning and again at night? Accompanied by light exercise, of course. In a week and a half of working out, and trying to get down from 260 lbs, I've already lost quite a bit of fat and gained some muscles by eating right, working out, and sleeping.
I do understand that the mentality of losing control and of inadequacy are both hard to forget... Not to mention the habits that form and the guilt that comes with eating.. which sort of leads into my third point.
Tip #3
This one is going to be a lot harder to do, but find someone you trust. A school counselor, a parent, a teacher, a close friend... Even if you're writing it to yourself in a letter, tell someone. Getting it out there makes it something more tangible, something that's more easily dealt with.
Now when telling someone, think of who will be supportive. If they aren't supportive of you, then they aren't worth telling. That sounds harsh, but if you tell someone who will choose to bring you down, you'll only be hurt more in the end.

Tip #4 (for B.N.)
Binging and purging becomes a vicious cycle. Breaking out of it can be tough, and it will take a lot of work. I don't struggle with this, but I do struggle with an OCD-type disorder called Dermatillomania. I find that having a hobby really helps me keep my mind off of it. Whenever I feel the compulsion, I will myself to sit down and pick up a book. I really like books, so that works well for me. Within a half an hour, I'm so engrossed in the reading that I forget why I started in the first place!
Dealing with the compulsion to binge is a lot harder in some ways, however. It's the same concept, however. Find something that makes you feel at ease, that you truly enjoy doing. Whenever you want to binge and purge, take part in a hobby, instead!
Tip #5

This may or may not help, but find someone who cares. Know that they care. Remind yourself, every day, of what would happen to them if something bad did happen to you.
Perhaps get a pet, and engross yourself in taking care of it! Watch it grow, learn new things, and you will realize that this creature depends on you! The life of another creature is under your control, and you can take care of it!

Also, remember, that I'm rooting for you! In today's world of insults, just remember... Everyone is insecure about something. EVERYONE. That means me, Anemone, our roommates, your best friend, even assholes.
There are very few people in this world who are happy about who they are... Don't feel guilty. You haven't done anything wrong.
Now, I've got to wrap it up since my computer is screaming at me to stop~
I've got some fun stuff for you!
First off, how much time have YOU wasted on facebook? 
I've wasted 18 days or so...
Next, there's a really funny slogan generator site that one of my roommates discovered!
Below are some great examples, from the mundane, to the 12 year old boy humor, to the 18+ humor~
Did some of those evoke a laugh? I know I spent a big part of the afternoon laughing more than I should have at this with Anemone~! Go forth, and make your OWN slogans~
I suppose that's about all I have for you tonight. In the meantime, enjoy!
Good night, and sweet dreams~

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Made To Make Your Pervert Water

Anemone here! I got to do something pretty insane today. I love reptiles, adore them actually. I own a pet
corn snake named Evra Von. But I'm also slightly interested in spiders too! I've always wanted a pet tarantula but I have never held one before so my roommates and I went down to Petco to see if they had any. And they did! To be quiet honest I was scared shitless but held the adorable thing anyways. He didn't want to leave my hands.
Yeah. Totally planning on getting a tarantula in the future.
One of my roommates had also shown me this wonderful, WONDERFUL website.
Ever want to make your own hilarious slogan? No seriously try this out. It will keep you entertained for hours. Laughing at the top of your lungs!
Here are a few of my favorites!

So go through and post on our facebook page the amazing slogans you get!


Day 29: Eyes!

This is an easy one. I love pink eyes, I love purple eyes, and I love sexy eyes. Above all things I would choose Lelouch's eyes from Code Geass!

Other than being the colors and style I totally adore, they have special powers that come with them! I can use my eye geass to hypnotize people (but only once each person) and make them do whatever I want. Lelouch's eyes are the greatest!
Friendly heads up that Aggroe and I are working on a new challenge for next month! Everyone and anyone can participate with us if you want! Post your answers to our facebook page 

Alright it's time for Anemone's Hentai of the Day!  I feel like it's time for something super sexy and hot! 
Gettin' Busy At The Office
This is the first chapter of Gettin' Busy At The Office. I'm really loving it so far so I'll definitely post more chapters when they come out!
That's a pretty awesome office job if you ask me~

There's not much time left to vote on our video challenge (not the youtube challenge). Check your favorite challenge above and we will make a video for it next week!
Here is some fun upcoming news for you all!
~Part 1 of our Truth or Dare Video will be up this weekend
~We'll be posting our Tails drawings when our recent poll ends on Friday!
~My Pokemon playthrough will be up either tomorrow or the next day!
~We will be putting together a bit of a house tour for you guys in February! 

That's all for tonight everyone! Have a great evening! Have fun with that epic slogan generator!
Anemone <3

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Folklore, and why Aggroe shouldn't be allowed on Youtube~

Yo everyone! This should be a pretty fun post, as I'll be discussing some of the folklore behind incubi and succubi, not to mention doing a secret challenge~
First off, today's challenge! (and yesterday's since I'm lame)
Day 27: House!
Honestly, I would choose to live in Kyouya Ootoori's house, from Ouran High School Host Club.
I don't like the character much, but I like the modern feel of that mansion. It's just so beautiful~ Plus, I could just hide there, since it's so huge they'd probably never know!... Hopefully. It's so gorgeous! Plus, it's in Japan, so I could do exploring and stuff~
Day 28: School you'd attend
I feel bad for posting two things from one anime, and even worse that it's in the same post, but...
Probably Ouran Academy.
Now please don't get me wrong, I don't give a shit about being rich! I also dislike the color pink! But... This school's huge, and it seems like it's never boring~ There's always something going on! It would always be exciting, plus there are so many interesting people to meet~
For all you 18+ perverts in the audience, it's time for...
Aggroe's HTD!

It fits tonight, because there's a Succubus! Whoo! I told you, I love monster girls~ Once you find out more about Succubus lore, you'll find out that even though they are a great idea, they... well, like any demon, they're dangerous.
Anyways, I had fun reading this~ It's in color, I really like the art style, and the succubus is pretty damn adorable~

And now, for the daily dose of Japan!
夢魔 (むま)
Romanized as "muma".
Pronounced "moo-ma".
This word can refer to either a nightmare, or a demon who appears in one's dreams, which in Japanese lore, fits with Succubi and Incubi. More about them will be explained later~
Now, for one part of the fun!
I found this story on Creepypasta, obviously, and it gave me an idea...! Now, I've been to the weird part of Youtube, many times... And in my opinion, there are two different types of the "weird part of Youtube" That would be A) Scary/creepy/fucked up and B)Sexual/not safe for work (nsfw)... I'm aiming for the scary side~ I mean, the Creepypasta promised me a snuff film!
Basically what Anemone and I are doing is finding a video, watching it, then clicking on the most messed up suggestion. I'll be starting with one I've never seen~
1. Very creepy disturbing children's cartoon, banned from TV It's kind of strange, but really interesting~ Thought provoking...~
2. 10 Disturbing Childhood Experiments This one was messed up... I mean, a few of these I've heard of before, and the one about "Little Albert"... That wasn't exactly what they did. Still, dark stuff.
3. Love Automatic - NIGHTMARE This is actually a music video, but it's really freaky. I don't quite know what I just watched... But I have a new favorite band, yay~
4. Teddy's Nightmare (2007) This is a pretty disturbing short film.
5. Smile -Scary Animation Oh gods why did I watch that... *dies a little inside* It feels like my soul was just raped by clowns.
6. Behind Closed Doors - Remember, there's no such thing as monsters~ No... That's alright... Didn't want to sleep anyways...
7. The Dummy (1982) This one's not as messed up as the last two...~
8. Alone This is another short horror film~ Not my favorite, but still kinda creepy... only a bit cliche.
9. Victim Yet another short horror film. The ambiance is creepy, but it's not really scar- HOLY FUCK NO! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT!?! *curls up into fetal position* *cries a lot*
10. Porcelain Rising Dolls... WHY IS IT ALWAYS DOLLS!?!?
So that's my 10~ Vote on the creepiest or on your favorite~! But I didn't find a snuff film, not even a fake one! I don't quite know whether to be disappointed or relieved...
Finally, some folklore... If you guys don't mind a really long post~
This isn't really 18+, but do read with discretion please~ If you're under 15 or 16, I wouldn't recommend reading this, though of course, it's your call~
First, I'll talk a bit about what they are. A succubus is the female manifestation, and incubus is the male counterpart. Basically, they are demons that feed off of one's life energy through sexual intercourse. Oftentimes, the males are thought to try and make human women pregnant, to create unholy half human half demon babies. A commonly accepted belief nowadays is that incubi and succubi are the same creatures, but they change sex based on their target. They kill humans by having sex with them, but the catch is, they can only get their food if the human enjoys it... Idiots who believe in the existence of these creatures often try to summon them, but there are quite a few reasons why that's a bad idea. Some claim that these demons are relatively harmless, unless there's a lot of them, or the victim is particularly weak or ill. I wouldn't mess around with demons, though...
This lore originally began in the Dark Ages, I believe, and it was a Christian/Catholic idea. Basically, it was an idea created because sex was considered "bad" or "evil", so those who experienced wet dreams or unexplainable lust could blame it on a demon, visiting them in the night.
In Japanese lore, they only visit people in dreams.
Also, they are incorporeal, having no form in the real world. They can also manipulate how they look, changing form based on their target. Again, that's similar to the sex swapping.
Nowadays, they are seen as sexy, beautiful, and more attractive than any human. But the fact of the matter is, the real way they look is terrifying. It's true that they don't have a form in OUR world, but in the dimension they exist in, hell or whatever you want to call it, they have the form of a hideous monstrosity. Also, if they are hungry enough, they will do whatever it takes to eat, which means RAEP TIME! They can tell almost instantly what turns a person on, therefore the rape will be physically pleasant, even if you hate it mentally and emotionally.
Succubi are not as aggressive as their male counterparts, but that doesn't mean that they won't force you to feed them. They may tempt you, and if that doesn't work, well... How do you feel about femdom? They're into that shit.

Incubi are... aggressive. They will hurt you in the process of eating, no matter what. They might not kill you, but you will wake up sore the next morning. Even if the girl isn't into that, there are ways around it for these bastards. Like I said, they know about every one of your weak spots.

Both variations are sneaky, and just like humans, some are more intelligent that others. The smarter ones may return to a single human for food everytime without killing them, or even making them too much weaker...
So, are they real?
Well, I've never met one, so I don't know. But just because I've never met one doesn't mean they don't exist. Ever heard of Schrodinger's Cat? It's like that, I don't know. It both exists and doesn't exist at the same time, until there is proof one way or another.

That being said, I do believe that some people use their minds to unintentionally create experiences that SEEM to be an attack by an incubus or succubus.
The human mind is a dangerous thing...
I guess that's about it for tonight...~
Good night, and sweet dreams~