Sunday, October 13, 2013

Dr. Who vs. Pokemon?

Goodmorning Everyone~
The other day on facebook I came across a cute Dr. Who/ Pokemon photo. I love both Dr. Who and Pokemon so I thought the picture was really cute! But apparently you CAN'T like both according to the rulers of the world in the comments *sarcasm implied*.

I find it pretty ridiculous that when there's a crossover picture like this here people have to bash on one part of it. If your not a fan of one or the other then just don't comment. It's as easy as that.
So since I am both a Dr. Who and Pokemon fan and an abomination to the human race I'm gonna post some fun stuff for Whovians and Poke-lovers!

Because me and Aggroe love both Pokemon and Dr. We created a Poke-Who Halloween special horror photo gallery for you~ We'll be posting tons of spooky things all October! So please enjoy~

If you also like Pokemon and Dr. Who then here's another cool picture for you! In Pokemon platinum there is a character with the code name "looker" who looks just like the 10th doctor! Crazy~ :D 

Enjoy all the Poke-Who! 
Anemone <3

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