Saturday, October 19, 2013

Yandere and Tsundere

Hello Everyone!
Alright so I'm a little pissed off right now because I just watched a really bad horror/suspense movie called the Purge. I believe Aggroe has seen me watch suspense movies. I have a tendency to throw things and scream at the T.V. Since Aggroe talked a bit about Yandere's yesterday I thought I'd talk a bit more since I absolutely love yanderes and tsunderes!

So as Aggroe explained yesterday a yandere a girl (most times but it can be a guy) who is obsessed with a love interest and will kill anyone who gets in the way of their relationship or poses any kind of a threat. So basically the ultimate overly attached girlfriend.
My favorite yandere is Yuno Gasai from the anime Mirai Nikki aka. Future Diaries! Future Diaries is about these 13 people that were chosen to become the next god but in order to do so they had to find and kill all of the other 11 people. Yuno Gasai, who is one of the members of this, ends up falling in love with the boy Yuki Amano who is also one of the contestants. They then work together and Yuno goes batshit crazy and the entire anime turns upside down! I love this!
Here's a link to watch Watch Mirai Nikki~ I really prefer this one in Japanese over English.
Yuno Gasai is one of my planned future cosplays! So expect to see some Mirai Nikki stuff in the near future!
I do know that a lot of people have seen Future Diaries! If you love this anime as much as I do then here are some lovely things for you all!
Yuno Gasai Song~ I love this so much!! Yuno Gasai Song
And some hilarious photos~

I also adore tsunderes! A tsundere is a girl who denies her love for a guy and will beat the crap out of him to prove that she doesn't love him. I don't know about anyone else but this was totally me in middle school... and maybe high school too... >.> Beating up guys because you like them! Makes sense right?
My favorite Tsundere is Anemone form Eureka 7! Eureka 7 is an adventure, mecha anime about well.. it's a bit hard to explain. Anemone is always beating the crap out of Dominic! She maaaaaaaaaaaaay also be a TAD BIT psychotic~ Which is probably one of the reasons I love her to death >.> 
Here's a link to watch Eureka 7 I prefer this one in English over Japanese.
This video made me laugh a lot harder than I should have. It's really not that funny and I died anyways. Squeak Freak Anemone Attack
And some amazing photo's for you all~ 

So there you go~ In conclusion suspense movies turn me into a psychotic loving bitch and makes me want to beat people up and love them. I hope we all learned something valuable here >.> That sleep is important and working all day fries your brain.
Anyways tell me your favorite Yandere and Tsundere! Because I'd honestly love to know!! Check out these anime and I'll see you all tomorrow with a comic I've been into~
Also one more thing! If anyone wants to see a video of me making Aggroe dinner while singing her this song... Evil link to evil song here~ Please dare this... Please :D
Anemone <3

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