Friday, January 31, 2014

Anime Feels and Funny Pictures~

Last night's post had GREAT content, but it was a bit sad design-wsie...~ A reminder to me to always ALWAYS preview before publishing.
So I don't know why, but I'm feeling a bit sad today. I guess it's mostly that I watched Shoujo Sect ~Innocent Lovers~ all the way through last night. Sure, it was sexy and funny and sweet... BUT IT WAS SO FREAKING SAD! MY SOUL IS DEAD, CRUSHED, RIPPED TO SHREDS!

HRNG WHY MOMOKO WHY!?!? The ending is really sweet, but... but... but... Why!? My soul is dead.
Yeah. That's about it for anime feels right now. I might die a bit more if I keep thinking about it.
So anyways.
Since I'm not popular, I'll do today's challenge~!
Day 31: Job
If I could choose a job from any anime, I would probably choose to be a teacher at Hakuou Academy from Hayate no Gotoku!
I'd probably replace her~
It's an academy for rich kids, so I assume it would pay well if you, y'know, did your job right. Also, I think it would be fun~ I've always wanted to teach, and I love pursuing knowledge!
That's it for January's challenge, we'll be posting February's challenge tomorrow! If you'd like to, you can do this with up! Just post your choice for each day and one or two sentences why, and then we'll compile them all~
It's that time of day again, for readers 18+~
Aggroe's HTD! (Hentai of the Day, for those who are new~)
Today is for all you loli fans! Thanks to this site, I've found a series called "Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai" or "Oreimo" for short. I'm not a loli fan, but the art in the doujins is really really great~ The title of this doujin doesn't leave much to the imagination, either~
Now, it's time for the daily dose of Japan!
ご主人様 (ごしゅじんさま)
Romanized as "goshujin-sama"
Pronounced "go-shoo-jeen-sah-mah"
This is one of my favorite words, I have to admit~ It means "master", though back in the olden days when sexism ran rampant through the world, it meant "husband". This is what maids and butlers call their masters, and I would die of blood loss if a cute maid ever called me this~ 
So today, as I mentioned, I'm feeling a bit depressed. Everything seems pretty overwhelming. But I don't want to complain, instead I want to post some things that make me smile! If you're having a bad day, then enjoy these fun things~! After this, I'm gonna go eat some protein waffles, which are actually really good...~ Anemone doesn't like them. Then read some Stephen King! Maybe rock out some Pokemon~

This video though... So beautiful~
Yeah, I guess that's about all I've got for today~
Good night, and sweet dreams!... Wait, that's not applicable at 3 pm. o.o
Talk to you later~

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