Monday, January 27, 2014

Tired... So tired...

This... will be a short post. I'm falling asleep as is, plus I need to be up in 8 hours, hopefully earlier...~ SO I was going to discuss the folklore behind Incubi and Succubi, but I think I'll save it for when my brain is actually functioning~
First off...
Day 26: Which Anime-verse Would You Live in?
I would probably pick the Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt universe.
I... don't really have a good reason why. But I think it would be fun, and something interesting would be happening every day~ Yay adventures! Well, as long as I lived in D-City~
Now, it's time for all you 18+ perverts to enjoy a bit of the blog~
Aggroe's HTD!
So this one's... a bit different. The style reminds me more of a visual novel, in that YOU are the main character! I thought that was pretty cool, at first~ Then... I got far enough in it. The dialogue in this is really messed up, even at the beginning. But I had to stop reading and curled up into fetal position when it started talking about pregnancy and how if he got her pregnant, and it was a girl, then he could use the child as an onahole... AKA a fleshlight.

But on the bright side, it's in color and is about the furthest from vanilla you can get~
NOW, for your daily dose of Japan~!
Pronounced "hee-kee-ko-mo-ree"
Romanized as "hikikomori"

This word refers to a girl who is an otaku. But even more than that, it refers to a girl who never leaves her house because she's busy reading manga or playing the latest MMO. I was once a hikikomori, and I still kind of am... But hey, I see the sunshine once a day~
Anyways, these girls are often made fun of... But then again, so are male otakus~

So that's about it, everyone! Tomorrow, look forward to the origins of Succubi...! Also, I have a confession.
One of the reasons I'm cutting my post brief is that Google Chrome apparently hates me. I kid you not, it shuts down EVERY 5 MINUTES! And Firefox doesn't support Blogger well... So sad...
I made this out of anger.
Aggroe's poor attempt at Paint...
(but this GIF though!)
Good night and sweet dreams~

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