Monday, November 4, 2013

Aggroe's Back, Baby~

Good morning everyone! Did you have a fun Halloween?
Anemone and I were supposed to hang out, but I had no ride, so instead I went trick-or-treating with a friend, terrified some kids, and ate candy! 'Cause you're never too old for that!
It was hilarious, actually. For my costume I tore up a shirt and pants, covered  myself in fake blood, and dragged a baseball bat around... My friend went as the goddess Athena. There was one poor child who looked out the window and nearly had a heart attack... I shouldn't have laughed as hard as I did~
In other news, I have some playthroughs that I haven't uploaded yet. I have part 1 and 2 of an Ao Oni-esque game, Paranoiac, on my computer and nearly ready for Youtube. Then, I have a request, a playthrough of Homesick. It's a side scroller of epic proportions! Finally, I have part 2 of Monster Girl Quest. As a note on my translations, I'm actually done with tracks 1-10, but I'm waiting to see if track 1 will be taken down for copyright or not. We shall see.
...There's something I'm really excited about. June of 2014, I will be going back to Japan for a second time... But this time as a translator, not a student~!! Which is why I'm working on my Japanese so much~
I'm so fucking excited, you have no idea!
Today, I will be talking about an Anime that I recently finished AND teaching you all some Hiragana, one of the alphabets of Japanese!
The anime is, surprisingly, a slice-of-life... BUT it's also shounen! The reason I checked it out, actually, is because of that unique combo. It is called...
"Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui"! The title translates, literally, to "I'm Not Popular, and No Matter How You Think About it, You Guys are Bad" It makes more sense if you call it "It's Your Guys' Fault That I'm Not Popular".
The title is long, so it's usually called WataMoto. This anime... It is wonderful. The main character, Kuroki Tomoko, is hilariously socially awkward. She thinks that she'll be super popular in high school, and she isn't, so the episodes are all her attempts at talking to people, learning how to hang out, and a ton of other stuff...
Though much to the amusement of her viewers, she...
Tomoko's attempts at humor
...fails miserably.
I really like how, in this anime, the people look normal. No blue haired skinny big boobed girls, and no badass mysterious guys with a dark past.
Her younger brother's name is Tomoki, and he is in his last year of middle school. He is reeeeeally popular with girls and guys alike, and has friends to hang out with all the time.
Kuroki Tomoki
She has a friend from middle school who used to be super geeky who wore huge glasses and was generally just an anime nerd like Tomoko, but now she's super hot! Nice chest, contacts, fashionable clothes... And, she's got a boyfriend!... That's the bit that Tomoko hates the most~
This show is also gay/lesbian-friendly! Tomoko is, I'm pretty sure, madly in love (or lust) with Yuu-chan! There are many times where she wants to touch her, and not in the innocent sort of way~ Of course, it never happens, but it's pretty wonderful~!
Anemone and I agreed that Tomoko is pretty much the equivalent of us fused together and thrown into an anime.
...Or so she thinks~
Anyways, check it out here~
Hiragana lesson!
The song/video at this link will give you the pronounciation~
あいうえお  (A I U E O)
かきくけこ   (KA KI KU KE KO)
さしすせそ  (SA SHI* SU SE SO)
たちつてと  (TA CHI TSU TE TO)
なにぬねの (NA NI NU NE NO)
はひふへほ (HA** HI HU*** HE HO)
まみむめも  (MA MI MU ME MO)
や ゆ よ   (YA YU YO)
らりるれろ  (RA RI RU RE RO)
わ    を (WA (W)O****)
ん             (N)

* This is sometimes romanized as "si", though "shi" is better for pronunciation purposes.
** This is also pronounced "wa" when used for grammatical reasons. For example, the sentence, わたしねこです (I am a cat), the "ha" is pronounced "wa".
*** This is usually romanized as "fu", but they are interchangeable.
**** This is ONLY used for grammatical purposes. There are no words that use "(w)o". I will go into the uses for it later on.

Well, that's about it! I should have the videos up within the next few days, so look forward to it~


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