Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Bucket List of Feels!

Hello Everyone! Anemone here~
So it turns out besides just losing my Evra Von, my cat Twizzle has also gone missing. I also started packing today. Hoping my pets turn up soon </3 So I'm a bit on the emotional side recently. Sorry if these next couple of weeks I'm a bit off, because I will be until I can get things settled.
Anyways, today is supposed to be geeky gone girly. I have a bunch of cute geeky fall outfits planed out but I haven't been in the mood to dress up.
I've been really into making bucket lists lately! They are inspiring and make me feel better! So here are some nerdy and less nerdy things on my bucket list~

Nerdy Bucket List:

1. I haven't been reading much lately. I have quite a few books the I have been wanting to read but I just don't have the time. I feel like I haven't bought a book in forever! I think I want to start reading John Green books because I've been watching a lot of the vlog brothers recently. I'm pretty interesting in the Fault in our Stars! It's a popular book and I want to see what the hype is about! *getting excited thinking about it*

 2. I didn't even know this was a thing until recently. Ghibli films are so cute! I'd imagine the museum is a place that could make me feel like a child. I haven't looked a ton into it yet but I sure am going to. My favorite film is probably Spirited Away. Mainly because it used to scare the crap out of me and I adore creepy things! Spirited Away is definitely CREEPY!

3. So I did a post where I was Robin for Halloween! Though my favorite super heroes are Captain America and Super Man and Spider Man. Okay so I love men in tights with muscles who save people! Seriously, who doesn't? I really want to get a full body spiderman suit one of these days. It's on my wish list for sure! I can see myself cooking, sleeping, doing yoga, and even jogging in that thing. EPIC!

 4. This is something I would probably do at an anime convention! I have a pink hello kitty kigurumi and I would be confident enough to hug other cosplayers. Normal people probably not because you never know what they will do! Haha! I think this is a cute idea to make someones day~ I will give it a try! Everyone should do this too! Maybe make random animal kigurumi hugs a thing? ;)

 5. I seriously adore Lolita! It's so pretty and has so many different styles! I think I would go with sweet Lolita. Something pink, light colored, cream, lace and frills. I do adore the Gothic Loli dress in the picture though! I would love to wear a Gothic Lolita dress if I wasn't so pale! Anyways, it'd be nice just to have one for fun and random photo shoots and tea parties/dress up parties.

6. When I said I loved super heroes I wasn't kidding! I think these panties are seriously the sexiest thing on the planet. Go ahead and disagree with me but HOT DAMN! I love it ;) Not even lingerie could make me feel sexier than these! (Not quite sure what that says about me o.0) I need to find a store where they actually sell these because I'd buy them in a heartbeat~

7. Who doesn't want to do this!? One of my best friends has been to New Zealand and had a blast! I really want to go to New Zealand for the wonderful people and experience, but I'd love it even more if I could see the hobbit houses! I'd die of happiness! I have a lot of future trips planned out. I will one day travel the world and take pictures of these cute little hobbit houses! ;)

8. All honestly I'd want to learn Gallifreyan before learning Elvish because I just like Gallifreyan more. NO HATE. I have some friends trying to learn Elvish too so it would be pretty fun. I would only speak it in an Elvis voice and when people ask when I'm doing I'll tell them "I'm speaking Elvish baby" ;) lol. I'm punny o.0
9. I recently started reading comics. There is a comic book store not far from where I am moving too! *excitement!* I'm pretty hooked on Empowered! If you haven't seen my review check it out Here~ I also want to cosplay Ninjette and I think Comic Con would be the perfect place to cosplay her! Comic Con is more than just comics too. It's pretty exciting! I want to GOOOOOOOOOOO~!

Normal* Bucket List

Because all of my animals are running away anyways. If I collect them then even if one or two run away I'll still have 30-50 more ;_; Also because cats are cute.

Participate in a zombie walk because my heart has died and I'm already a zombie. Also because it would be fun.

Jump off a pier because I may need a fun way to end my sorrows. Also because it's like a mini diving board. Who doesn't love diving boards/

get an apartment with my friends! I'm really excited about this :) Already packing and excited for new adventures and looking for a new job! It will be a ton of fun~

Anyways, thank you guys for putting up with my little depression ramble. Feeling a lot better now, drinking coffee and listening to Sigur Ros. I hope you all have a wonderful November!
Anemone <3

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