Monday, February 3, 2014

Walking Down Stair Cases and Slaying Zombies!

Hello Everyone!
Hope you're having an amazing February! I wasn't here yesterday because Aggroe and I had my boyfriend over (Our childhood friend) and we had a pretty amazing time! I think we will just acknowledge him as Wolfrider~
All three of us are beginning a Warhammer campaign! What is Warhammer? It's like a really specific, advanced RPG! I'm sure you've all heard of D&D? It's pretty much like that! We are still creating our characters. For example I am a high elf surgeon! I'm very intelligent and I'm a good leader. Also my main weapon is a freaking saw! YES. I approve! If you guys are interested at all Aggroe and I can probably go into deeper detail. I'm leaving it as this for know because anyone who's played an RPG knows it can take a while to explain it!
Wolfrider and I also played a few video games last night. We beat the Left 4 Dead 2 Hard Rain level. I am so bad at this game but it's seriously a ton of fun. This is also the first L4D2 level I have beaten. I said I was bad. I'm not kidding.
He also made me play SCP-087-B. It honestly wasn't nearly as spooky as the first one. I'm pretty sure he was more jumpy than I was! 
Basically our night ended when we came across a College Humor article 22 Reasons Why Pizza Is Like Sex. Since because pizza is always a good idea I decided to make pizza at 4am that I somehow burnt to the oven. It got stuck on the oven. I tried to pull it out with tongs and it came out in several pieces in which I'm pretty sure half of it is still at the bottom of the oven! Oh well at least my pizza didn't turn out like this:

Anemone's Geeky Find of the Day!
Wolfrider made me play the game SCP-087-B last night! For those of you who don't know SCP-087 is a game based off of an SCP story. SCP stands for Secure, Contain, Protect. It's a lot like creepypasta but instead of posting full stories they post facts about these "pretend" ghosts and monsters.
SCP-087 is an Euclid (Deadly) stairwell. If you go down, you don't come back up. Basically SCP-087 was made into a simple game where the only think you have to do is go down the stairs. It's a lot more terrifying than you would think though. 
SCP-087-B is a newer version that's a bit different. Instead of just having the stairway there are also different ways you can choose to go which is pretty neat! I made a playthrough but unfortunately it didn't pick up any of the microphone sound. I also forgot to turn the mouse cursor off so you guys can't see it. The next time Wolfrider and I are together we'll make some more playthroughs for you guys!
Original SCP-087 Game playthrough.

If you would like to play SCP-087-B then here is a link to download it! I DARE YOU to try it! I personally think it's a lot more fun than the first one but not nearly as scary. The first one is more true to the original story in my opinion. 


Day 2- Weapon

This one is easy peasy for me! I would chose Tira's Hoop from Soul Caliber (5)! Tira has always been my favorite SC character mainly because her weapon is kick ass! At one point my sisters actually "banned" me from fighting with Tira because I was pro at using her weapon and won every match with her.
I'd also chose this weapon because I love to hula hoop! It's a hobby of mine and if I ever could I would love to attach blades to my hoop and fight evil!

Day 3- Gadget

Gadget was actually really difficult for my to decide. When I think of gadgets I think of grappling hooks and super computers. After discussing what counts as a gadget with Aggroe I decided to go with the Attack on Titan 3D Maneuver Gear! Not the swords but the actual belt with the hooks and gas. I'd fly around while slaying enemies with my hoop! Now before shouting out that Attack on Titan is really an anime, there is an online AOT game! 

18+!!! Hentai Of The Day
I found this amazing hentai while just scrolling around.This is pretty adorable actually! I love the facial expressions and it's all about biting which is super cute! Give it a read! Of course it's vanilla~

QOTD: What is the scariest video game you have ever played?
I'd have to say SCP- Containment Breach. I have actually cried playing this game and I refuse to play it again. I hate games where things chase me, where I have to go through a bunch of doors and hallways, when I can't attack back, and mostly I'm afraid of those disturbing human looking monster things!

That's it for today everyone! Don't forget to follow us on Facebook! Goodnight!
Anemone <3

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