Sunday, February 23, 2014

Reasons Why Disney Men Are WAY Hotter Than You Think!

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I'd like to announce that I am bringing back Not Your Ordinary Book Club every Sunday! 
I've recently told that I have been reading the Hunger Games series! I finished the first book a while back and now I'll be reading Catching Fire. I'm a bit scared because the first book was 10 times more terrifying than the movie. I watched Catching Fire in theaters and cried tears. REAL TEARS. I never cry at movies.
I don't even wan't to know what the book will do to me.
Anyone who would like to read along with me I'll be posting about it next Sunday! Wish me luck in my journey to finish this super-depressing series!

Here are a few new additions to my reading list:

1. Divergent by Veronica Roth
I actually wasn't interesting in Divergent for the longest time because I had no idea what it was about. My sister is reading the third book in the series and I've been seeing it around the internet quite a bit so I had to search it up and it does sound pretty cool! I also heard that they were making a movie about it, so it must be worth a read!

2. Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card
I watched the movie Ender's Game earlier today and I loved it! It was actually really interesting! It was really sad and pretty crazy too! Full of twists and turns that you NEVER expect! When my sister told me it was based off of a book I decided that I HAVE to read it!

Those are the two newest additions to my reading list. If you have something you'd like to recommend to me then be sure to leave a comment below or on our facebook page

On January 1st, new years I decided I was going to try and read 52 books this year! (One a week). I've only read one so far this year so I've got some catching up to do! This week I'll be reading Catching Fire! 
I'll also be posting a short story next Sunday based off of the video game challenge Aggroe and I are doing! Which should be pretty interesting if you've seen the answers I've been posting!
If you guys like it I may do short stories more often. I wrote a short story for Halloween and got a lot of positive feed back from that one! We'll see how this goes!
I'm also going to be taking a writing class (required for all degrees including nursing). I'll be writing short stories for the class and I may end up posting them on Book Club Sunday! 


Day 21: Rating

I am just going to have to leave this at "unrated". My video game doesn't really have any sex or violence, but it is incredibly weird so far. Therefor it has no rating. I would rate it E for everyone, but I should rate it C for crazies.
I don't really have a favorite rating. What is Just Dance and Spyro rated? L for little kids? No seriously though. I'm such a child. (Doesn't like GTA/ COD/ Halo/ etc....)
Aggroe think's I'm cute for playing E rated games too.

Day 22: Setting

I have already said that my video game is on earth, all around the world. So there would be multiple settings. Such as on top of Mt. Everest, ice burg on Antarctica, Top of the Empire State Building, In the Great Barrier Reef, streets of Paris, France, On the Pyramids in Egypt, and  on the Equator. Yup that's my setting!
My favorite video game setting that I have ever played in though is Grand Theft Auto. The maps are fun to play around in. I know I just mentioned that I don't like GTA and that's because I get extremely bored playing it. I don't want to be a criminal, but I will drive a car off of a building ten times to amuse myself before I get bored.
The map is fun to drive around though!

Day 23: Technology

The technology I choose is the Portal Gun. I could be in and out of buildings like WAZAM! I could be a NINJA. I'd actually probably make an endless loop and jump through it until I get bored of falling~

Anemone's Geeky Find
Since yesterday I posted Twitch Plays Pokemon Red as my geeky find I'd just like to show off a funny comic I found on Dorkly (one of my favorite blogs).
Click the link to find out who the mastermind is!
I love deviant art. I love looking at peoples works of art. Their photography, cosplays, hand drawings, paintings, etc. I used to have a deviant art  but I'm not really much of an artist!
Anyways while strolling around I found probably my new favorite deviant artist! Davidkawena and his awesome collection of "Disney Heroes"!
Disney Heroes by Davidkawena
This is the sexiest deviant art page I have ever seen! I love it! It's a bit creepy to see Disney men dressed in... well nothing pretty much. Suddenly makes you want to become a Disney Princess!
Here are a few of my favorites:
Hercules- That pose though!


Peter Pan- Still looks like a kid but DAMN that smile!

Prince Adam- LOVING the rose and long, flowing hair!

Tarzan- It always blew my mind how he lives in the jungle, but gave himself dreads and shaves every day....

QOTD: Who is your favorite Disney Prince?
Mine is Tarzan because he is magical. Seriously how is he so well groomed living in the jungle and growing up with gorillas? Also because Tarzan is obviously the best Disney movie. (Obviously = In my opinion).  I might just have a slight love for animals and hunky men. Also Jane is ADORABLE. 

That's all for tonight guys! Join me tomorrow for Anime with Anemone on Monday! Don't forget to leave us comments below and vote on our poll for next months challenge theme! You get to decided~ Goodnight Everyone!
Anemone <3

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