Monday, February 10, 2014

Really strange Brock stuff... also, lots of Aggroe's favorite things and a Joey update!

Hello~ Aggroe here!
So I have a great surprise for you guys, so would you kindly read on?
Day 9: Soundtrack
So for this one, Anemone and I discussed doing something like post 4 or five songs from what our video game soundtrack would be. But I'm also going to talk about my favorite video game soundtrack!
So for my favorite, I would have to say I really enjoyed the music to Lollipop Chainsaw... A close second is Shadow the Hedgehog.
These games have soundtracks that are (mostly) a mix of hard rock and metal, which I'm not always into. But they are just so well done, and they fit the games well, believe it or not~
As for MY video game soundtrack, if I could put one together, would include these:
Mobscene - Marilyn Manson This one would probably be instrumental, though. I really like the beat, and the words are catchy too, but the lyrics wouldn't really fit the kind of game I'm going for~
Lisztomania - Phoenix Now I know this song is pretty well known, but I love it to death! It's just so beautiful and perfect~
Hello - Martin Solveig ft Dragonette Not only do I LOVE this song, but it would be a good intro to the main character, in it's own way~
I would also probably custom mix a couple of songs, and make remixes of others that I like and that almost fit alone.
And now, it's that glorious 18+ time of day...~
Aggroe's HTD!
Not gonna lie, the ending of this might confuse your little friend a lot. It's Pokemon this time around~ Enjoy reading this when NO ONE IS AROUND! It's not really that bad compared to some hentai, but it's kinda disturbing to the childhood...
Next up is the daily dose of Japan!
Pronounced: "moh-soh"
Romanized as "mousou"

This word means wild idea, or delusion. Could also mean fantasy~
Now, I want to talk about how my Joey challenge is going! I beat Misty today, and it was surprisingly easy... Mt. Moon irritated me, as caves usually do...~ DAMN YOU ZUBAT!
Anyways, here are the screencaps~
And then got you ass handed to you by a Rattata~
Barely made it! (PP lvs are below)
His CURRENT moveset has replaced Tackle with Pursuit
Beat her at level 27~ Also beat Bitch right before Nugget Bridge around this level.
All in all, I'm doing pretty well~ I decided on my moveset goals for Rattata before the Elite 4... Preferably WAY before that, though~ I think I'll do Super Fang, Tail Whip, Pursuit, and Hyper Fang. I considered Shadow Ball, but then I'd have to EV train him in Sp. Attack... Which I just might, if I feel like some grinding later on... I dunno~
The ultimate moveset, if I did EV train his Sp. Attack, would have to be Thunderbolt, Water Gun, Super Fang and Tail Whip/Iron Tail, still debating on those two... Then again, a one Pokemon playthrough really overlevels that ONE Pokemon, so I might not have to specially train Koratta at all.. Huh. We'll see~
So I see you've stuck with me this whole time~ I'm glad! This isn't all that nerdy, but I'll do my best to make it so~
Basically, even though I've been working out every day, I've only been doing strength for arms and back along with 15 minutes of cardio. That's starting to get a bit repetitive, plus I wanna try some new things~ So I made a routine for each day! I haven't finished Wednesday or Thursday yet.
Basically, every day starts with yoga, my pick. I've really been enjoying flexibility and back yoga, so I'll do some more of that~ Weight loss yoga is too painful... Way too painful...
Around noon, I head to the gym for an hour~2 hours for cardio and strength!
Finally, at night, I relax with a set of my custom workouts, each day designed to work something else. Right now I have Sexy Abs Sunday, Mad Arm Monday, Tough Leg Tuesday, Sweet Ass Butt Saturday, and FREEday!
Get it? Like FRIday? Ha, that was a pun.
Yeah, so all the names are really cheesy, I know, but... I like it~
Also, Freeday is like the other days, except the daily workout is a combination of stuff that I find online that seems interesting~
I'm really looking forward to starting this tomorrow if I can find the keys to get into the gym!
A lot of people have trouble motivating themselves, y'know? They want to change their bodies, but don't know where to start, or think that it's really difficult.
True, it does hurt.
I wake up sore everyday, without fail... but if I'm going to hurt, I'd rather it be from building myself up than tearing myself down~!
On a slight related note, here are some things you guys can use for motivation, if you'd like~
This one isn't fitness specific, though...
First off, remember that if Team Rocket, the bumbling fools we all know and love, has the motivation to reach their goal, then so do you! Get out there are do what you want, and if you fail, try and try again! You'll get it eventually~
Secondly, remember... No matter how sweet, cute, or awesome you are, you can still be a badass. YOU. ARE. AWESOME.
Yep, sit ups are this painful if you're new to working out... But if you want sexy abs, learn to make friends with these unfriendly bastards~
I just like this. Found it on Bing, and it's just wonderful~
Google and Bing both hate me tonight and won't load past 3 rows of pictures, no matter what I do, so I don't really have any more nerdy fitness stuff stored... Nor can I find any more... Meh. I think 3 is pretty good~
Also, I found an interesting meme today! Sparkledog! Normally I hate memes, but this one is cute I think~ Here's my beautiful creation!
I wasn't feeling too creative, honestly~ Anyways, enjoy!
That's all for tonight!
Good night, and sweet dreams~

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