Saturday, February 8, 2014

Kicking Brock's rock-hard Onix with a Rattata~ Hell yes!

Yo everyone! Aggroe here!
Today I have quite a bit to talk about~ One thing that I will talk about before jumping into the challenge is this:
A personality test!
This test was developed by Jung originally, and it's now used in schools and for career information~ It's one of the most popular personality tests out there, and it's kind of accurate, too! Obviously it's not perfect, nothing truly is. But if you pick the options that fit you best, how you feel, then you should get a pretty accurate answer~ Here are my results, if you're curious~
If you want to take the same test, but a lot bit more in depth, click on this link! It's 60 questions long, but will probably be a lot more accurate~ My personality type, according to this quiz is INTP, which sounds about right~ Check it out! These tests are pretty damn fun~
Now, for today's (and yesterday's) challenge.
Day 7: Set of Pokemon Moves!
My favorite set of Pokemon moves would probably be Psychic, Will-O-Wisp, Mega Drain, and Slam. There's not really a related picture, so here! Have a picture of a Pokemon who represents each move!
These are honestly some of my favorite Pokemon, too~ They might seem sissy or girly - da-yum, look at Snorlax's sexy, girlish figure - but these guys were always so op when I trained them on my old games~ Trading them to Pokemon Colosseum was epic!
Day 8: Special Ability
My special ability would be speed, silent speed.
Now don't get me wrong, Super Sonic is ONLY an example of my speed. I would run silently, after all, my character is a lawful evil thief/adventurer...~ Stealth is a must! But my ability that I would unlock is stealthy speed, as fast as Super Sonic and as hidden as Solid Snake~
I mean, come ON! Who DOESN'T want to be able to hide from enemies in the most conspicuous way possible~
Now, it's that GLORIOUS 18+ time of day again...~
Aggroe's HTD!
So this one is from one of my most favorite ecchi anime of ALL TIME! To-Love-RU! When pronounced in Japanese, it sounds like "trouble", just a fun fact~ Anyways, check it out! Tentacles, oppai, monster/alien girls... what could go wrong?

Next up is the daily dose of Japan!
Pronounced "kah-oh-moh-jee"
Romanized as "kaomoji"
This word is a lot like the word "emoticon" in English. Believe it or not, they are a LOT more popular in Japan than they are in America! This is namely because they e-mail instead of texting on phones, and they are charged money per character. Now, it makes a lot more sense to describe things using as few characters as possible, yes? So, they introduce cute emoticons in order to shorten their messages. Kaomoji are almost like a secret language that the youth of Japan use to communicate with~
This site has quite a few good ones, and it's the most accurately Japanese one I've found so far! Most don't have actual kaomoji, just morphed emoticons.

Now I kind of want to talk about parodies! I typically am not a fan, unless they are the Key of Awesome parodies... But today, I came across this guy, NateWantsToBattle, who does Pokemon parodies of popular songs! I've seen my fair share of crappy Pokemon parodies before, but this guy is different... I promise~ His voice is so perfect!
Also, he doesn't do just Pokemon~ He's also got Minecraft parodies and Legend of Zelda parodies! Check out some of my favorite videos from him below, if you want some new tunes~
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time (Song of Swords) guitar cover
Magikarp (parody of Wrecking Ball)
Gary Oak (parody of I Knew You Were Trouble)
Pikachu (parody of 22)
Good Wall (parody of Blurred Lines)
Enderman (parody of Gentleman by PSY)
The Pokerap! (Dark Cave Edition)
My god these parodies and covers, though~ The Pokerap one is just for Anemone, since I know how much she loves her zubat~
Another great video I love is one that he's featured in, and it's wonderful~ I wish school were like this!!
Pokemon University!
Also, an update on my Youngster Joey challenge in LeafGreen! My Rattata, affectionately known as "Koratta", the Japanese name, is now a level 15 having just beaten Brock! I have a couple of pictures that were directly before the victory and directly after~
I had never played LeafGreen before, so when I named my rival, I had no idea how well it would fit~ This had me laughing for hours, you have no idea~!
Here's right after I caught the bugger~
I decided to EV train it in Speed and Defense. As it's my first time EV training, I forgot to record the numbers... I think he's somewhere around 40 EVs in speed right now, and 6 in defense. I'd also like to work on HP EVs a bit.
WHOO BEAT THE FIRST GYM! It was pretty hard, and the first time I relied on non-attack moves besides Sleep Spore, Hypnosis, and Poison Powder. Used Tail Whip to bring down their defenses, and kicked some SERIOUS ROCK-HARD ASS!
That's about it for now. I hope you all enjoy the personality tests and the interesting videos~
Good afternoon everyone, and enjoy your day~

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