Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Funny videos, bad stereotypes, and great fansubs~!

Yo, and good evening everyone! I took a nap again today, so I guess that means no sleep for me...~
Whooooooo! Hentai night! What? Oh, yeah, I said video game night! Yay!
Anyways, today started off pretty badly. Well, it wasn't too bad I guess. My back still hasn't healed, but I got impatient and continued benchpressing... So it hurts even more now.
Luckily, Anemone's gone, so I can steal her heated blanket...
So today I sliced my finger open accidentally. I had to use Anemone's keys, since I don't have my own and they open the gym here in our apartment complex, and she had left her pocket knife open... It cut me. Not good, considering we have snakes, and reptiles can transmit diseases... I've been pretty careful, though~
It was feeding day for Alipheese, and she's fat and happy now~ So cute! I'll take a video of her feeding when I get a decent camera, look forward to it~
I guess that's about all in news, so yeah.
Stop! Challenge Time!
Day 21: Accessory
I would probably pick Edward Elric's jacket from Fullmetal Alchemist.

I've been a HUGE fan of this anime since I was 12. I have always admired Ed for his strength and courage! Also, I like how he's only SLIGHTLY angsty, despite the sadness and the difficult past. Even though he's angsty on the inside, he keeps i to himself, without complaining. He doesn't even look that sad~ Well, he does in these pictures, but... Meh.
Anways, that COAT though...! SO SEXY AND BEAUTIFUL! I want it~ I was actually planning an Ed cosplay a while ago, and I'd still really like to do it~ First I need muscles, though...
18+ warning, because it's time for HENTAI! W00T!
Aggroe's hentai of the day~
So apparently, my hentai last night won the challenge~ Anemone is scarred for life! Bwahaha! So his one's a HELL of a lot more normal! It's one that I personally enjoy, mostly for the story, though the ecchi scenes aren't too bad, either...~ A bit unrealistic, but hey, it's better than the ones I've been posting~

I've been trying to think of new things to write about, and I think I'll start off with a Video Game of the Week! Something that I love, its rating with a few screenshots, and a review with a score out of 10.
Starting Saturday~
Something else I've been thinking a lot about lately is stereotypes. I hate them, but they exist. DON'T believe that they are true! I often joke around and make stereotypical jokes, for example, Ill sit playing Mass Effect and yell at Anemone to make me a sandwich... Then she mimes beating me with a baseball bat.
But that doesn't mean I believe all women "belong in the kitchen" or that all men will treat women like that! In fact, I think that people can be who they want, when they want! Screw anyone who tells you to be something for their sake, or who thinks you act a certain way because you're a man or a woman!
It disgusts me to see people who truly believe that stereotypes are true. I guess I'm upset over it because I saw the "Blurred Lines" video for the first time yesterday... Before seeing the video, I loved that song! Sure, the line about domestication made me a bit upset, but it's easy to ignore that for a song that's pretty catchy...
Well, I'm never listening to that garbage again.
He blows smoke in another human being's face, as if it's okay! And then the song is POPULAR! American culture believes it's okay to disrespect someone for being different!
So this video put me in a bad mood, and I would like to go over the details of why in an educated way... But right now I'm still a bit agitated over it. Hopefully tomorrow I'll post that~
But for now...
I want to post some things that made me laugh today, since I need a good laugh~
Funny Stuff!
While searching for the author of a quote, I came across some pretty hilarious quotes that made me giggle. Here is my favorite~
Richard Dawkins once said "We are all atheists about most of the gods humanity has ever believed in. Some of us just go one god further."
Yeah. Below are some hilarious links that made me laugh... a lot~

Alright, now I know that a lot pf people deal with assholes a LOT of the time. And it's true that looking online for insults isn't always creative... But it's a SO MUCH FUN~!
(some of these are incomprehensible, but most are pretty great~)
Also, Anemone found a link to this on facebook. Now bear in mind, this list was made as a JOKE!... And it's hilarious~ Check it out if you want a laugh!
Now this list is a bit less rude, but the jokes are very corny... as the title states~ Y'know, lame puns that are actually funny, but if you laugh at them in public, you will get mocked... Everyone secretly likes cheese with their jokes, though~

First off... DAT GRAMMAR! Secondly.......... What  have I just read? This sounds like really bad hentai. But I love fansubs to death~! They are beautiful~
Honestly, I don't even know what to say to this... It just made me laugh, so I am sharing it with you all. MEN! DON'T FORGET THAT BIT OF WISDOM!
Just to be clear, I found this when I searched up "shiny jigglypuff"... This is apparently a shiny jigglypuff....
These are some videos that are funny in a bit of a different way...~ 
They crack me up everytime, so hopefully you'll enjoy it too~
Your Eyes are Stupid~
(these 3 are by zefrank, one of my favorite internet people~)
10 HOURS OF HEYEAYEA with He-man! Can you watch the whole thing...~
Ode to the Brain!
This last one is something my psych professor showed us in Intro to Psychology while studying neurons... I love it to death~
I guess it's not really funny, but it does make me smile~
Finally, remember this. No matter what happens in life, no matter who kicks you down, and no matter what challenges come your way... Keep on trying your best!
I know for a fact that someone out there loves you! Why? Because I do~ Yes, I love you! Don't forget that I'm always rooting for you in all you do~ Keep at it!
Don't mope in despair, if you don't like something CHANGE it~
A pretty cool video that does relate...~
Good night and sweet dreams!

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