Sunday, January 19, 2014

New (Old) Games~

Yooooooo~! So tonight I want to talk about some games that I've dug out of storage! This term, I didn't manage to get registered for school since I don't have a car... BUT on the bright side, I have enough for rent until next term, so I'm lucky enough that I have free time for the gym and gaming~
Too much free time, if you ask me...~
Anyways, digging out my old games has proved fruitful. I got my systems all hooked up, and I've been teaching Anemone all about the Sega Genesis and the Nintendo Gamecube, my two most favorite systems of all time~ Most likely because I grew up playing them...
A few games I've enjoyed today...
#1: Pokemon Colosseum
This game has those crappy Gamecube 3D graphics, but I still love it to death! This was (besides Sapphire) my first Pokemon game, and to this day, it is one of my favorites. Basically, you play as Wes, an ex-criminal. The storyline is a bit cheesy, in that the Pokemon have had the doors to their hearts closed artificially, so you must save them and stop the evil syndicate trying to take over the world.
To my knowledge, Kyogre and Groudon are unobtainable (except by trade with R/S/E)... But you CAN catch the three legendary dogs and Ho-oh... Also, if you pour extra money into it, you can get a bonus disc that will allow you to get Jirachi, which is pretty cool.
My favorite set of legendaries is Jirachi, Mew, Celebi, and I like Jirachi the best (Steel type FTW!) so that makes me pretty happy~
Yeah, this game is pretty cool no matter how old you are. There are RPG elements, a bit of fairly simple puzzle solving, and cool tricks! As an example, there's a cheat for reusable Pokeballs, though I don't use that as it ruins the fun~
#2: Sonic Adventure 2 Battle!
This game gets a shit ton of crap for the horribly annoying camera angles, which really do suck... A lot... But other than that, it's pretty fun! From what I know, it's an alternate storyline to Sonic Adventure 2... Though I don't know a lot of details about the origin, honestly. You can play as the evil side (Eggman, Shadow, Rouge) and as the good side (Tails, Sonic, Knuckles), and in order to OFFICIALLY beat the game, you have to play through both sides. It's pretty fun if you don't mind the bad English voice acting (can be changed in the Options menu) and shitty camera angles...

It also lets you raise Chao! There are a couple of special types, the Character Chao (Sonic, NiGHTS and Shadow are the only three I've personally confirmed...)

And then, there are the best of the best... Chaos Chao! These guys are invincible, and pretty awesome looking~
From left to right: Devil Chao (dark), Angel Chao (light), Chaos Chao (neutral)
That's all I played today, but I had a ton of fun and am looking forward to playing more tomorrow! I feel a lot better about playing video games now that I'm living a less sedentary life, honestly. It makes sense, but I just feel so much healthier... I mean, working out 2 hours every morning doesn't take that much time, but it helps me feel less bad about sitting on my ass for 8 hours staring at the TV~... That's still unhealthy when I put it that way... Well who cares, I'm gaining muscle mass and losing fat, so it's okay to relax a bit~
Day 19: Catch Phrase
If I were an anime character, I would have to steal a phrase from WataMote. Namely, the title of every episode...
"I'm not popular, so X"

This not only fits me, but is fun to say in both English and Japanese~ Plus, I love this anime to death! It has so many references, and it's a shounen slice-of-life! What? I think hell just froze over!
That's my anime catchphrase~
18+ ONLY please...~
And now it's time... For my perverted mind to SHINE~
Aggroe's Hentai of the Day! (I'm going to start calling it HTD... HoTD is already taken T.T)
This one was really strange. I think it's the only hentai I've read so far that I disliked it to the point where I probably won't read it again, mostly because the Succubus lore says nothing about Succubi gaining pleasure... Or ANYTHING more than food for that matter, from human men...
But it's hentai and it doesn't have to make sense, I guess~
It has a great art style, but I wouldn't recommend it to anyone who likes foreplay in their hentai~

I guess that's about all for tonight, my stomach's yelling at me for more food... REGULAR food, mind you! I wouldn't mind being a succubus, but I am a human... I promise~
Good night, and sleep well everyone~

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