Saturday, January 18, 2014


ALRIGHT hello everyone! This post will be surprisingly short, the reason being... Well, this might make me sound like a weakling, but the gym today hurt... I was using one of those weight lifting machines that they make you use in middle school, and I did 2 sets, 100 reps each! To be fair, I was only lifting 2 lbs... That wasn't all I did, though~!
Also elliptical for nearly 30 mins at a mid resistance, bench press (5 sets, 15 reps each, 10 lbs), and some squats.
Everyone has to start somewhere~
My response right now is fully explained here...
I'm sorry I don't have any playthroughs or translations for you guys today! Anemone and I had to do boring adult things, like grocery shopping. Urgh.
SO here's today's challenge~
Day 17: Childhood friend
If my life were an anime, I would want my childhood friend to be Aikuro Mikisugi from Kill La Kill.

This guy is completely absolutely crazy, but he just... He's just wonderful in his own perverted way. Don't get me wrong, I don't necessarily love perverted guys, but I can't take him seriously, and it cracks me up~ A childhood friend should make you laugh, and should be someone you can tell anything to. I think that he would be that. Someone I could laugh at, who'd mock me in return. It would be SO MUCH FREAKING FUN!
And I'd totally be a part of that organization, Nudist Beach
Such a creepy pervert!
So now, for all you legal adults (18 or older), I have something special...
Aggroe's Hentai of the Day!
I typically don't read tentacle stuff. I mean, it's really... REALLY creepy. But I was scrolling FAKKU for some yuri, and came across this little gem. WARNING there is a tentacle monster!!

By the way, here's another (appropriate for all ages... I think) FAKKU gem that someone showed me today...~
My birthday is in March...
I adore this shirt, more than anything~

I guess that's about it for tonight, you perverts~
Good night! Tomorrow I will continue the quest!

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