Sunday, January 19, 2014

MOVIE TIME! With Aggroe&Anemone~

Well, technically it's me, Aggroe, talking about the movies I traumatized Anemone with~
Here's the most disturbing thing we watched today!
This movie is a cartoon about cats! Made in 1994, this movie is a murder mystery (made in Germany) about cute, fluffy, adorable cats.

Francis/Frances, the main character.

Francis moves into this neighborhood with his owner, and immediately notices something wrong. The house is falling apart and smells like chemicals, and when he goes out onto the balcony, there's another cat sitting there, looking at the grass below...
he's looking at the
I knew it was depressing, and German, so I don't know what else I was expecting, honestly.
A lot happens, and not much makes sense until you get far enough into it, but here are some pictures to prove that this is NOT for children!
*WARNING! There is cartoon gore up ahead, but it's pretty disturbing... Read only if you feel you can stomach it~*
Yeah, you saw that right. Dead, half-formed kittens. Ripped out of her stomach.
This pretty kitty was a cute, blind girl that Francis fell in love with.
This was one of the two most disturbing scenes...
You can't really tell how disturbing this scene is from that picture, but the scientist are experimenting on cats. First, the scientists cut the flesh back, drill into the cat's brain, and inject some freaky drug to try and make the cats self-healing, obviously for humans eventually.
This scene will give me nightmares.
It was horribly disturbing.
The worst of Francis' nightmares... Nope. Just no.
 In this scene, Francis had one of his "prophetic" nightmares that helped him solve the case. THERE ARE LITERALLY MOUNTAINS OF DEAD CATS! The cats here are on puppet strings, controlled by a terrifying, cartoon version of a famous scientist. I won't tell you who, it would ruin the movie... If you plan on watching it.
Why did I watch this??
All in all, if you are morbid, have a dark sense of humor and a strong stomach, and don't mind cartoon violence, cussing, and cat sex, then definitely check it out!
You can watch it on Youtube here~
On a pretty depressing note (which will be done shortly, I promise...~) the American government has been up to all it's typical underhanded shit.
Basically, there's a law (that will hopefully be overturned by the people) that will now allow internet service providers (ISPs) such as Broadband and Centurylink to slow access to any site they want. If you want to use Yahoo, and your ISP has slowed the connection, there's NOTHING you can do about it, unless you can switch ISPs or are content with not using those sites.
Fucking corporations.
If I know one thing about Americans, it's that we don't let anyone fuck with our internet, our "freedom", and our guns.
I hope that Americans will do something beneficial to EVERYONE for once.
On a happier note, I've been compiling something for you guys that should be up by Tuesday~ It should be... interesting~ I hope you all enjoy it... I know I will!
There's also a video we're planning, and a few other interesting projects as soon as the truth or dare video is done and up~
Now for the challenge!!
Day 18: Parents!
If I could have any two anime characters as my parents, I would choose Tamaki Suou from Ouran High School Host Club as my dad, and Mion Sonozaki from Higurashi as my mother.

This might seem like a really strange combination, but as a couple they work. I mean, Tamaki needs a man to keep him in check, but he only likes women! Mion is perfect~ Plus, Mion needs someone to acknowledge her feminine side once in a while, which is what Tamaki would do!
Not to mention, Tamaki is protective but also fun to be around, while Mion is carefree and laid back, also fun to be around~ Although if I wanted to go hang out with friends, I'd ask mom in this case...
For all you 18+ perverts, it's...
Aggroe's hentai of the day!
So this one was more of a WTF hentai... I again stumbled across it by accident, and was too disturbed/curious to stop reading it...
The ending of part 2 is actually pretty adorable, despite the rest of it being absolutely weird~
That's it for tonight everyone, so sweet dreams~
And enjoy your high speed internet while you have it! (and remember, someone always has it worse than you~)

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