Friday, January 10, 2014

News and Fun Stuff!

It's been a few days since I last posted, I know... But here I am!
So recently I've been watching some anime recently, some from this season and others not. I'll do a short little blurb about what I thought of each one.
1. Kotoura-san
This anime is a slice-of-life. These aren't typically my thing, but this one (if you ignore the melodrama) isn't too bad~ Basically, a girl (Kotoura) is born with the ability to read minds, but because of this, people start to fear and hate her. Eventually she meets a pervert who refuses to leave her alone, and he is pretty cool. His name is Manabe. My favorite character, however, is this super short kid in the ESP club who... well, he likes to read, and he has a dark/morbid sense of humor~
Aggroe's rating: 6.5/10
I don't love it, but it's certainly not the worst thing I've ever watched.
2. Witchcraft Works
I definitely have to say that this is one of my FAVORITES this season! Basically, there's a guy who's rescued by a witch (who's the most popular girl in school... and she's rich). Her job as a witch is to protect him, though I don't know why yet. Only one episode is out. She calls him her princess, and that just cracks me up. Also, the ending theme is an adorable tribute to a horrible incident, the Salem Witch trials~
Also... just LOOK AT HER UNREALISTICALLY LARGE AND PERKY BOOBS! XD Beautiful~ She has a giant lesbian following in the school, too. It's pretty wonderful.
Aggroe's rating: 8/10
I really like it, in fact I love it, but because of the way they set up the first episode, I think that any emotional content won't be taken seriously.
3. Kill La Kill
I've talked about this one a bit, but I wanted to add it in here because I LOVE THIS ANIME TO DEATH!
Basically, there's a teenage girl who's looking for the person responsible for her
dad's death. She ends up getting in touch with her father's last creation, Kamui (Godrobe) Senketsu. It's a type of armor/outfit that is BEAUTIFULLY WONDERFUL~ And basically it's... a lot of nonsense, but it's also got some sad, deep moments without being too cheesy. I love it more than words can describe!
Aggroe's rating: 9.5/10
There's always room for improvement, but this is funny, sad, has unique artwork that is at times PSG-esque and at others, very awesome and serious looking. The music is good. The naming sense it just... Wow. In a good way. I love it, and wouldn't want it to change in any way~
The second guy in the picture reminds me of Flippy (anime form) from Happy Tree Friends... Is it just me?
...I think it's the hair~
4. Starry Sky
This anime is based off of the visual novel series I'm translating of the same name, and it's pretty interesting~ The drama CDs are all about romance, but this anime in mostly about the development of the characters. Who they are, what they've been through, why they act the way they do... They are the personification of the star signs, and as such, they fill stereotypes... but it's still worth a watch if character development, horoscopes, and attractive anime guys are your thing~
Aggroe's rating: 7/10
This anime isn't for everyone, despite being great. I really enjoy the character development bit, and the fact that personifying horoscopes is an AWESOME idea~ They geared it towards girls waaaaay too much, however.
5. Another
I can't explain much about this anime without spoiling it, but basically, it's a horror/mystery. I really enjoyed it~ It's dark, sad... it's not all that funny, and there's a lot of character death. My favorite death scene is when a girl's eye is impaled by her own umbrella...~ But yeah. It's interesting and makes you think. It's definitely worth a watch~ Though I personally preferred the manga.
Aggroe's rating: 8/10
I really enjoyed this. The art is good, and once you see the backstory, it's really quite wonderful~ Very sad, and it makes you think.
That's it for the anime I've been watching or have watched recently~
NOW for the challenge!
Day 5 ~ Best Female Friend
For this, I would probably pick Misty from Pokemon. Cliche as hell, I know~
My favorite female character from Pokemon is probably May, just because I grew up with the seasons she was a part of, but Misty's always held a special place in my heart. She's cute, peppy, fun, and just generally awkward. Also, she's a 16 year old WHO RUNS A GYM! Talk about making your dreams come true~ She would be fun to tease, as well. Her reactions are just too great~
Day 6: Boyfriend
I'd probably pick Matt from Death Note.
He's a gamer, like me. It's true that I'm not big on smokers, but I could get over that. He has a good fashion sense, or at least an attractive one, and he'd leave me alone if I was in the middle of a level in a game. He's chill, down to earth, and kind of funny, too. Plus, we could DESTROY THE WORLD TOGETHER IN FABLE! I think that's a MUCH more romantic outing than a long walk on the beach~ Take over the world with me and I will love you forever~
I found this picture and had to add it...~
Day 7: Girlfriend
This one is difficult because there are so many girls to choose from...~ I'd probably pick Lilly's sister, Akira, from Katawa Shoujo, if visual novels count.
What the hell, right? Not only is she from a visual novel, but she's not even a main character! Well, I have a good reason to pick her. She has gorgeous eyes, and her personality is pretty funny, though she can be serious when she needs to be. I think I have a soft spot for people who understand what's going on, but pretend not to... Instead they just pull the strings.
Also, I have a soft spot for crossdressers, male or female. Maybe it's because I'm jealous that they can so easily swap between being male and female, or maybe I just think it's hot...~ Whatever the reason, I love crossdressing characters~
Day 8: Pet
My anime pet would have to be Chuck from Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.
He's retarded and adorable, plus he'd be useful in a battle~ Just throw him at the enemy, they'll run away very VERY quickly!
Day 9: Weapon
I would most definitely pick (another cliche) Cloud's Buster Sword from the Final Fantasy series!

This sword is one of the most beautiful, powerful, wonderful things I've ever seen~ I'd love to cut down powerful armies with this, watch them all fall and KNEEL BEFORE ME! Well, it's actually just because it's cool~ I doubt I'd be able to lift it as I am now...
Day 10: Unnatural Power
For this, I would have to say, I'd want Kotoura's ability to read minds, from the anime Kotoura-san.
I don't particularly want to read minds, but it would be extremely useful, in both day-to-day situations and in epic battles. Also, it'd be GREAT for chess and PvP games~ It's not cheating if you can't control the power!
Besides that, I have some fun news~
I saw the Hobbit 2 in theaters Monday, and it was beautiful and perfect~
Since it's late now, and this post is already super fucking long, I'll leave it at that and do a review in the morning~
Good night and sweet dreams~

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