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The D-word, and how to manage~ (Oh stop thinking about it that way, you pervs!)

Yo! So yesterday, I promised some folklore today. I'm sort of a mythology buff and I love fun little trivia facts about beliefs, both old and new! But I realized today that I've been lying a bit.
I've been pretty depressed lately.
Not too much, but it got me to thinking that EVERYONE has days like that. Y'know, days where you don't wanna crawl out of bed. So today (after the challenge, HTD, and Japanese fact) I'll be talking a bit about how to tackle your depression!
What time is it? CHALLENGE TIME! (imagine that with the proper logo, pwease~)
Day 25: Loli!
My loli would be one of two people, both from Hayate no Gotoku.
First competitor would be the tsundere, Lady Nagi!
I'm not really into the whole "sexualizing little kids" thing at all, so I don't mean this in a weird way. BUT SHE'S SO DAMN CUTE!
Second option would be Taiga (I think that's his name...), who's also from HnG.
Yes, that is a boy, I promise~ He's just so cute! That tall guy next to him is his butler, but... He doesn't really act like one. He treats Taiga as if HE'S the servant.
Still, that kid is super adorable~
I'm not popular, so let's read some hentai together!
18+ only please~
Aggroe's HTD!

Now this one's... a bit... awholemotherfuckinglot... fucked up. Well, it relates to the post because there are LOLIS IN IT! Also... there's mpreg. For those who don't know that means men. Who somehow defy the laws of everything. And get pregnant.
Now the "Pregnant Man" still had working female parts, so THAT makes sense! These are two YOUNG BOYS WHO ARE RAPED!
Now that that's over with, I can post the daily dose of Japan!
Romanized as "ureshii"
Pronounced "oo-re-shee"
This word means happy. But not just happy, it means exuberant. Ecstatic. Typically you say this when someone makes you happy by giving you a gift, visiting you, or taking you on a date to a place you enjoy~ You can even say it just to say that you're happy about seeing them!
You can say that someone looks happy by saying "ureshisou" (oo-re-shee-so; 嬉しそう;うれしそう)

Finally, the moment you've all been waiting for...~
So for a bit of background, depression runs in my family. That doesn't mean, however, that it controls my life. I do go through stages where I refuse to get out of bed and cry myself to sleep at night for stupid reasons. Hell, I've even considered suicide once or twice.
But it hasn't beat me and it never will.
I guess that leads into my first point,
Find a way to motivate yourself!
I recommend doing this before depression sets in. Basically, for me this means thinking about everything I wouldn't get done if I stayed in my room all day. All the opportunities I'd miss.
I mean, someone's day could be made just a bit better if you went outside and smiled at them!
Motivate yourself to keep going, even when you feel like falling! The problem with depression is that it's a cycle, a vicious one.
You stay indoors, so you feel down.
You feel down, so you stay indoors.
And it keeps going and going and going...
If you know it will happen, find motivation ahead of time! A reason to get out of bed! Even if you don't prepare a list of all you want to accomplish and what you want to do~ Basically, reasons to get out of bed.
Some great reasons that help me are...
1. But you have school today! Don't skip classes, or you'll NEVER earn your PhD!
2. What about hula hooping? Isn't that still a thing?
3. Oh come on, there must be SOME kind of anime you wanted to watch today...
4. Get up and love your snake! Her life depends on you!
5. What about that hot bod you want? It won't sculpt itself!
Get outside in the sunlight!
Vitamn D in sunlight really can help cheer you up. I find that if I lay down in the sun, I feel happier, warmer, and generally better than when I lay down in bed.
I mean, if you're gonna spend the day lying down ANYways...~
Don't dwell on what you can't change.
I don't know about you, but MY brain likes to tell me all about everything I've ever done wrong. But you know what, fuck that! I've done a lot RIGHT, too! Also, you can't change the past so why dwell on it?
My favorite metaphor for this...
Say you spilled some milk on the ground. Since it's already happened, you can't change it! So from here on, you have three options. You can...
a) Walk past the milk, and let it spoil on the floor, pretending it never happened and then NEVER get the spill cleaned...
b) Freak out and throw a fit over it, panicking over what to do and again, it will never get cleaned up...
c) Or you can realize that you made a mistake and clean up the milk.

C is the obvious answer, right?
Realize what you did, that what happened can't be changed. You still have to buy new milk! Then do what you can to fix it. Clean up the milk and buy some more.

Don't dwell on negative emotions. Recognize them, feel them for 10~15 minutes, then move along.
I realize that it's difficult, but here are some tactics to help!
1. Meditate
2. Pray
3. Focus your mind on something else, like blogging!
Exercise BEFORE it gets to be a problem!
I know, I know, cliche. But it really does work wonders! Even if it's just yoga in the mornings and evenings, or 5 crunches, or even just one pull-up! Stay active!
A fun fact about exercise is that it pumps endorphins and dopamine through your brain!
Endorphins are essentially the body's natural painkiller. They make you feel physically alright, and are also released whenever you're injured -though I don't recommend cutting yourself as an antidepressant- and are just a great thing in general! Dopamine makes you happy, it gives you that warm, fuzzy feeling and is also the cause of most addictions (this would be orgasms, exercise, music, etc... most drugs too, unfortunately).
Once you exercise a bit, you'll want to exercise more!
Now these two aren't really tips, but they're important as well.
PLEASE don't hurt yourself! There are much better ways to deal with loneliness, sadness, and depression. Talk to your doctor, your parents, your friends. Anyone. Find someone to trust. I don't trust many people, but when I need to talk to someone I do it. If I don't want to tell anyone, I write it down. Usually in the form of a fictional story, but sometimes a letter to myself.
Also, for some, antidepressants are the only option. Most of the time, depression can be help under control with exercise, a positive mindset, the right diet, and supportive people... But if you do have to take the dreaded antidepressants, then I recommend a Selective Seratonin Reuptake Inhibitor (SSRI). SSRIs are things like Prozac/Serafem. What they do is keep seratonin from being recycled, therefore more seratonin stays in the brain longer. Low seratonin levels are typically connected with OCD type disorders, shyness, social anxiety, and depression. SSRIs are generally great because even though they take 6-8 weeks to work, they have very little side effects compared to other types of antidepressants.
All in all, do what you can to keep a positive outlook!
Don't hold it inside. Recognize how you feel, deal with it in a proper way, and keep on keeping on!
And you know what else?
I think that you are BEAUTIFUL! If you ever, for one second, think that you're alone in this world, remember... You're not. You have people who love you.
What would your pets do without you?
What about your family? Your friends? Your roomates?
What about everyone you said hello to?
You are all important to someone! I can't make this clear enough!
I hope that those tips will help some of you. I know it helped me to get it down~ THERAPY FOR ALL!
So yeah.
Check these out if you need a laugh~
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The Pony.MOV Series! (I recommend 18+)
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Pokemon Philosophy with James
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And as always... Good night, and sweet dreams~

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