Sunday, January 19, 2014

Horror Movies! Felidae, Carrie, and John Dies at the End

Hello Everyone!
So today I did plan on doing my Anemone vlog, but instead Aggroe and I stayed home watching horror movies until we realized it was probably too dark to vlog. Then we watched even more horror movies to the point where we are so tired we may pass out..... Except we still need to blog.
Now don't get all up and mad at us because everyone has those random, crazy lazy days!
First off we watched Felidae, a movie about Nazi cats. No seriously, this was the most insane animated movie I have ever seen. There is CAT SEX. SERIOUSLY WHAT!?
I can't even explain it. It's originally an old German movie. I recommend it to those who have strong stomachs and the ability to punch their nightmares in the face. This is the exact opposite of me... I will forever be mentally scarred from this movie.

Aggroe and I had also watched Carrie, the new movie I have been wanting to see since it came out! Carrie is a horror movie that starts off sad, starts to get a lot better, then ends horribly. I didn't read the book Carrie, but Aggroe has and she has seen the oldest Carrie movie as well. I honestly loved it. It was just as great as I was hoping it would be! 

Lastly, Aggroe had me watch John Dies at the End.
It was hilarious, weird, creepy, and just plain freaky all at the same time. I had a hard time getting my head wrapped around a lot of it, but it was.... interesting to say the least. I did love it though. I'll probably try and watch it again just because I feel like I missed some pieces. 
It was more comedy than horror to me, but it sure was messed up and different than anything I've ever seen! This one has to be my favorite of the 3 movies.

Also here is your daily dose of hentai!
(More incest of course)
Autumn Lovers

Now that my brain is totally out of functioning cells for the day I'm off to bed. Goodnight everyone!
Anemone <3

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