Sunday, January 12, 2014

Aggroe's Fitness Goals for 2014! And other things...

Hello everyone! Aggroe here! I don't have anything too interesting, and I know it's the 12th and all, but I haven't even posted my resolutions/goals that I am aiming for this year! Well, aiming for in general. I will do six categories each with six items, because I can~ I won't call them New Years Resolutions, because if you really want to reach a goal, it shouldn't be just something you aim for at the beginning of the year.
My own beliefs aside, let's get on with it~!
Fitness Goals!
1. Lose enough fat that I'm in the 140~160 range~ 
Even if I'm 160 lbs, that's okay, because being healthy is better than being skinny~ I've already lost 10 lbs by hula hooping and working out. I haven't eaten any less than I usually do, in fact I'm eating MORE! What the hell, right? Well we've been doing yoga, weight loss yoga, bellydancing, chair dancing, cardio, weight lifting, squats, etc. It's a lot of fun! I feel energized~
Right now, I weigh 260, so it will be quite a challenge... But I can do it! I'm really having fun with this, and NOTHING CAN STOP ME NOW!! >:D
2. Get fit!
I want muscles. I want to flex my pecs, show off my abs, and just generally be muscular! I''ve been lifting weights a  lot, and practicing arm tricks with a weighted exercise hula hoop~ It's been a lot of fun! Anemone and our other room mate helps spur us on, and the three of us have a ton of fun!
3. Become sexy!
Now this isn't for anyone but me. I want to be able to look at myself in the mirror and honestly say "DAY-UM I'd tap that!" Not in a creepy way, of course. Just a normal way. Like, I want to feel sexy. I don't give a shit if other people think I'm sexy~
4. Do the splits!
I want the flexibility to do the splits, just because it looks fun, and I need some kind of talent besides being able to beat Rainbow Road in 1st place. If you've played Mario Kart, you know what I mean~
5. Lift up a car!
This goal sounds dubious and hard, I know... But I want to be able to see someone stranded on the side of the road, with no jack but a spare tire. I want to go over, ask them, "got a flat? Don't worry, I'll help" and then proceed to LIFT THAT MOTHAFUCKA! YEAH! It just sounds interesting~
6. Be happy with who I am!
I'm pretty happy with myself at the moment, and no matter what, I always will be. But I have learned something upon moving out of my parent's house. No matter who you are, everyone is unhappy with themselves. EVERYONE wants to change. Anemone want to gain weight, I want to lose weight, our close friend wants muscles, and someone I know wants to lose their love handles. Everyone wants to change themselves, no matter how fit, thin, cute, or sexy they are. SO GET OUT THERE AND DO IT!
My favorite quote, paraphrased, goes something like this... "There is no magic pill. No special shake. No secret diet. Just get up off your ass!"
It's pretty much my newest philosophy~ GO ON! Do what you love! Believe it or not, exercise gives you more energy~ It can also get rid of aches and pains~
Tomorrow, I'll post my next category~ But for now, I'll work on that January challenge~ Yay!
Day 11: Natural Skill
For this, I would have to pick the great ability for Kendo that Saeko from High School of the Dead has.
Seriously, say what you want about the fanservice in this show, but these girls are tough bitches! Well, that brunette chick and the nurse not so much... But Saeko is a true badass with that sword~ Just watch her cut down those zombies as if they were grass being cut down by a lawn mower! YEAH! I want to do that~
Well, not cut people down, just so you know. I just mean to be able to use a sword like that~
Day 12: Outfit
I would have to go with Sanae's outfit from the Touhou games~
This red and black coloring is most definitely my favorite...~
I want the snake thing in her hair, too~ Looking at this now, I think I actually want to cosplay her! She's super cute~ I love that outfit, too. It's not quite lolita, but it's still adorable~
I suppose that's all I have to do for today...~ I will have the next translation up tomorrow, so look forward to it! Also, I'm going to be uploading a TON of playthroughs in the next week~ There's MGQ part 2, Katawa Shoujo part 2, Amnesia: The Dark Descent, and some others will be a surprise...~
Our truth or dare vlog will be up tomorrow, and sometime next week we will have Cosplay Vlog #1 up~ Look forward to it!
And remember, work out lotssleep even more, and drink LOTS of water~!
(also don't forget to keep calm and game on!)

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