Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Made To Make Your Pervert Water

Anemone here! I got to do something pretty insane today. I love reptiles, adore them actually. I own a pet
corn snake named Evra Von. But I'm also slightly interested in spiders too! I've always wanted a pet tarantula but I have never held one before so my roommates and I went down to Petco to see if they had any. And they did! To be quiet honest I was scared shitless but held the adorable thing anyways. He didn't want to leave my hands.
Yeah. Totally planning on getting a tarantula in the future.
One of my roommates had also shown me this wonderful, WONDERFUL website.
Ever want to make your own hilarious slogan? No seriously try this out. It will keep you entertained for hours. Laughing at the top of your lungs!
Here are a few of my favorites!

So go through and post on our facebook page the amazing slogans you get!


Day 29: Eyes!

This is an easy one. I love pink eyes, I love purple eyes, and I love sexy eyes. Above all things I would choose Lelouch's eyes from Code Geass!

Other than being the colors and style I totally adore, they have special powers that come with them! I can use my eye geass to hypnotize people (but only once each person) and make them do whatever I want. Lelouch's eyes are the greatest!
Friendly heads up that Aggroe and I are working on a new challenge for next month! Everyone and anyone can participate with us if you want! Post your answers to our facebook page 

Alright it's time for Anemone's Hentai of the Day!  I feel like it's time for something super sexy and hot! 
Gettin' Busy At The Office
This is the first chapter of Gettin' Busy At The Office. I'm really loving it so far so I'll definitely post more chapters when they come out!
That's a pretty awesome office job if you ask me~

There's not much time left to vote on our video challenge (not the youtube challenge). Check your favorite challenge above and we will make a video for it next week!
Here is some fun upcoming news for you all!
~Part 1 of our Truth or Dare Video will be up this weekend
~We'll be posting our Tails drawings when our recent poll ends on Friday!
~My Pokemon playthrough will be up either tomorrow or the next day!
~We will be putting together a bit of a house tour for you guys in February! 

That's all for tonight everyone! Have a great evening! Have fun with that epic slogan generator!
Anemone <3

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