Monday, January 6, 2014

Challenges and Toradora!

So today I'm just going to start off with the days I missed of the challenge (I am so bad at this challenge thing >.>)

Day 4: Best Guy Friend

For my best friend I would pick Makoto from Free! Iwatobi Swim Club!

Makoto is understanding, gentle, kind, and loves cats. Who wouldn't want a best friend that loves cats!? He is very patient and might even teach me how to swim! (Yes I admit I can't swim >.>) 

Day 5: Best Girl Friend

The anime character I would pick to be my best friend would be Menma from Anohana.
I would choose Menma because she would always be by my side. She's super adorable and just loves being with all of her friends, especially when they are together. The only downside is that as much as I'd love to keep her by my side, eventually she's going to have to disappear ;_;

Day 6: Boyfriend

For a boyfriend, I would pick Ryuuji from Toradora!

I would pick Ryuuji because he would always be there for me! He'd take care of me and cook for me and wake me up every morning. I just recently watched this anime and he has to be one of my favorite anime guys ever! He's sweet and when he gets embarrassed he plays with his hair. Yup! Definitely Ryuuji!

I've recently finished this amazing anime a friend showed me! It's called Toradora! For anyone who is into romantic comedies this is AMAZING! I love the main character! Her name is Taiga and she is a total Tsundere! (I love tsunderes!)
The entire anime she is accompanied by Ryuuji, a mean looking guy who's actually really nice! He takes care of Taiga, supposedly because he is "her dog", but is that the only reason? ;)
The ending totally caught me of guard and I wasn't expecting it at all! Now I'm not a big fan of Slice-Of-Life anime, but this one I got hooked on quickly!
I recommend it for sure! I can't really share any of my favorite parts without spoiling anything! I loved and hated a lot of the characters and my feelings were overwhelmed the whole time! It is a bit of an older anime but it's always good to take a break from the ongoing ones and watch something older.
I also love the art. It's very cutsie! That's obviously not a technical term to describe an art style but it's the first word that came to mind. It looks softly drawn and doesn't have any of those sharp edges. I love it!
Watch Toradora!

This next weekend looks like I will be watching Clannad! It's been recommended to me many times and a friend is now pushing me to watch it! I'm excited! If you want to recommend an anime just send us a message here Aggroe and Anemone Facebook!

Anemone <3

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