Friday, January 24, 2014

Aggroe's watching some anime!

Yoooo! So I found this video, and it discusses what makes a person a nerd. While they focus on religion, the main point is that anyone passionate enough about something counts as a nerd. You can find Collegehumor's video here~
(while we're on the topic of videos, you can watch part 3 of my ~StarrySky~ Pisces translation here, and a fun little video I found here~)
Before talking the anime I've been watching, I'll go ahead with the challenge~
Day 23: Butler
I would have to pick Kaoru Daichi from Ladies vs Butlers.

He's cute, and I LOVE those eyes! He's pretty quiet, and kind of a brat (from what I can tell, I've only seen the 1st episode so far)... But like I said, he's quiet, and... well I don't know much about his personality yet. But he looks like a girl with that hair and those wide eyes, and I have a soft spot for crossdressers in anime, so I guess that's why I'm already so attached to him~
If he served me, I would not complain. He'd bring me coffee every morning, and... Well, no, that's about all I want~ Unlimited coffee and eye candy!
For the 18+ viewers, here it is!
The one, the only...
Aggroe's HTD!!
YAY MONSTER GIRLS! After MGQ I have a sort of fetish for them... I guess that's weird to admit.
ANYWAYS this hentai is one that I really enjoyed~ I'm not sure why, but the art style was gorgeous, the hentai was pretty good, and the storyline made more sense than most hentai, and I really enjoyed reading this~
Anemone's still not back yet, but she should be tomorrow, and she'll definitely be back! You won't have to put up with just me anymore~
In the meantime, since I haven't done anything fun or nerdy today, I'll post a few anime that I've either started watching or am about to start watching~
#1 - Sukisho
I did a first impressions review of it here~ I haven't watched past episode 1 since then, considering I've been busy unpacking, but I'm planning on finishing it~
#2 - Ladies vs Butlers
I just started watching it tonight, and honestly, I love it~ The art style makes me happy, there's a lot of boobs, and even though the main girls aren't my favorite characters, they're pretty funny together! ishipthat.
You can watch it here!
#3 - Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin
Ooooor "Rainbow" for short! I haven't seen any episodes yet, but Anemone recommended it to me. It's apparently pretty dark, about 7 people and their life in prison. Not too pleasant, but I like anime with dark themes~ Check it out here!
That's about it anime wise, if you have recommendations please let us know via Facebook~
I'm open to any and all suggestions! Dark, romantic, funny, action, hentai... ANYTHING AT ALL! I like to experiment with new things, and Anemone does too~
Good night everyone and sleep well~

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