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Why I Haven't Posted in Ages, and Sukisho First Impression!

Well, I'm back for good! Before I tell you why I left for a while, let me tell you about how I fixed all of Anemone's computer problems~ Blogger wasn't working for her because she had the HTML tab clicked instead of the Compose tab... And it wasn't working for me because I was using Firefox. *best derp moment of the year*
SO! I have been in the first major move of my life! YAY I'M AN ADULT!... What now?
Well, it turns out that Anemone had room in her apartment, and I needed a place, so she opened her doors and we're living together! This should be interesting~
Also, I had to give my cute little dog away during the move, and my betta didn't like the cold weather very much... SO I got a pet corn snake~~! She's an opal morph, basically pink and white, red eyes, and translucent. Her name is Alipheese, or Alice for short. When she grows up she'll be white with red eyes and still translucent! So cute!
I'm getting her her own viv today, because co-habbing snakes is really controversial, and cannibalism among corn snake hatchlings does happen.
Yeah. Moving in is difficult. BUT I'm almost all the way moved in! I stayed in a cheap motel for a few days, but it's aaaaall gooooood now~
This site has some wonderful Kaomoji! What are Kaomoji? Well, Kaomoji is essentially the Japanese word for emoticon, and so I refer to Japanese emoticons as Kaomoji~
There are some pretty great ones, like a nosebleed one and one with a gun...
I guess today I want to do a first impressions review where I take an anime someone recommended to me and comment on it as I watch it! I'll post pictures for you guys, so look forward to it~
The anime I chose today is called "Suki na Mono ga Suki Dakara, Shouganai!" "Sukisho/Sukisyo" for short. It translates as "I Like What I Like, and That's That!" This is an anime based on a visual novel series in which our main character falls off a building and loses his memory. Then, he wakes up with no memory of who he is, but apparently he, and his childhood friend who he doesn't remember, both have multiple personality disorder (which doesn't actually exist, but I'll play along for the anime's sake~). Here's the catch; Their other personalities are gay lovers! Yes my friends, this is a yaoi. I don't particularly like or dislike yaoi, so this should be interesting~ *is more of a yuri fan*

WARNING! THE FOLLOWING IS R-18! The anime is highly sexual, and my comments are unfiltered! You have been warned! (also, this is looooong, so yeah... :3)
So it starts off with an outside view of a school... I think. Possibly a boarding school. I hear crickets, and it's dark outside. If this starts out with a sex scene, I... won't be surprised. Especially with the change in music that just happened. Non-sequential images of the room, and a guy sleeping in bed. ZOOM IN ON HIS FAAAAAACE! Yeah. I am having trouble taking this seriously for some reason... It's that kind of day~
There's some creeper standing by his bed. That was... unexpected.
I really like the artwork, actually.
Alright, creeper has purple hair and (I think) pink eyes. It's dark, so that's my best guess right now.Creeper tries to touch sleeping kid's hair, but there's a twist! Sleeping boy rolls onto his back! What now, creeper!?
*stares* "We meet at last"
What's that supposed to mean? You're a creepy stalker? Are you Edward Cullen?... No, you're not nearly as repulsive. Hmmmm...
*stare* Then there's a sound as creeper's eyes narrow and turn red! HIS EYES CHANGE COLOR AND HAVE SOUND EFFECTS! How is this kid not waking up??

Creeper gets on the bed with a creak. That's expected.
Sleeping beauty opens his eyes to this...:
Well then. If I woke up to some stranger in my bed who's already gone down on me halfway, I'd beat it with a baseball bat...~ But let's see what the kid does, I'm curious.

*clap clap clap* Yay, he's intelligent and NOT ruled by his second head! *ahem*
*pushes up glasses anime-style*
Let's continue.
So apparently the creeper's name is Ran, and he's not a creeper... he's in his OWN room. They're roommates, oh joy...~
YES! ALL THE PUNS!! And that sexy chibi face.
"Call out Yoru"... Hm. *curious*
So sleeping beauty runs away after Ran tries to molest him. Is Yoru the nickname for sleeping beauty's dick? Hm... I wonder.

So scene change, sleeping beauty is in the shower (FANSERVICE!) and he grips his shoulder, remembering something. Glass breaking and falling. His past maybe? Who knows. Apparently, he has blue hair... From the lighting, I had thought it was brown~

Then, after the shower (I guess he took it in the middle of the night...?) there's this picture, and it's pretty beautiful.
But those BAGS, though! Anyways, yeah. The shower fanservice scene could've shown a bit more while being less melodramatic. It's a Yaoi though, so I expect melodrama. Fast forward to morning, despite the fact that we already have, and they're late for school! Sleeping beauty is annoyed because creeper is sleeping in, and when woken, creeper doesn't remember what happened.

Some blondy bursts into the room, all energetic and shit at 8 am.
...Somehow, he reminds me of Tamaki Suou. That damn cheerful attitude, making everyone wish they had slept in a bit more. Ugh. (Actually, Tamaki's my favorite OHSHC character because he's so fucking stupid...~)

So apparently blondy is "Matsuri-chan" (Festival? Also, that's usually a girl's name...), creeper is "Nao-kun" (his other personality is Ran, I guess), and sleeping beauty is named "Sora" (personality: Yoru). The naming sense isn't bad, but... Well... They all sound like girls.
Matsuri and Nao are acting like they've known Sora for a while, but Sora doesn't seem to remember them... Perhaps the window incident had something to do with that?

ERMAHGERD CHIBIS! *ahem* Yeah. It's kinda funny, if you're a fan of the slice-of-life kind of comedy. I personally am (when it's done right), so it made me chuckle a few times~

Enter Nanami-chan (a dude, in case you couldn't tell from name and appearance), who took care of Sora while he was in the hospital, apparently.

Nao and Matsuri talk for a bit, apparently Sora fell off of a building and lost his memories of everything before the accident, including them. He does remember Matsuri because they've been reunited and talked and stuff for a while it seems, but Nao's all pissy about it saying things like "I hate men like that!" as if it's Sora's fault he forgot. What the fuck, dude?? I don't think I like Nao that much, he seems like a little bitch...

Well Sora was just calmly walking, thinking about why he fell from the window when suddenly IT'S RAINING MEN!!

Yeah. This kid's pissed. He starts attacking Sora out of nowhere, and I dunno the reason yet.


Every anime has them! Can you guess what I'm talking about?
DING-DING-DING We have a winner! An annoying friend! Loud, obnoxious, makes weird hand gestures, but nearly everyone has one! Get your own today!

(Nagase is the Chemistry club president by the way...
and annoying friend has a crush on him. YAY YAOI!)

Well... That escalated quickly. Huh.
All the kids are starting rumors, oh snap!
Minato calls him to the teacher's lounge after school for 'special tutoring', so he goes. Sora... you're a special kind of stupid. I sense rape in your future.

Sora was almost raped, but then was saved by Nanami. Yay no rape!!


Nevermind, apparently Minato (the teacher) is Sora's brother, and that was all a joke.
Apparently it's about Nao/Ran and last night's incident, and they're asking all these questions. Specifically about how Nao called himself Ran.

Those subtitles, though! Well yeah, the bomb was dropped. Multiple Personality Disorder and the overused cliches that come with it, yay!
(I don't hate this anime, it's actually pretty fun~ I just am having trouble taking it seriously~)
Anyways, there're some serious moments, discussions, thoughts, etc. Yeah. That's about it for that scene.

The red-head is named "Hano". FINALLY A MASCULINE NAME! I'm not one for stereotypes, but the art style and the naming makes the majority of them seem feminine...

And HERE folks is why I can't take this anime seriously~ "This is the power of LOVE!"
Fuck it, this guy's more Tamaki Suou-ish. Wow. What the fuck am I watching. XD

Wow this... This anime. XD They made ramen, but it... it was so intense. What... I don't... What?

Here is Nagase. When Sora saw him, he got super ultra terrified and bolted for some reason. Did Nagase push him out of the window, maybe? Or rape him? Huh. *shrugs*

Anyways, I think the traumatizing experience is "calling Yoru out" of Sora, as his vision is getting blurry and he's stumbling as he runs away.

I love it when I'm right~ Here's Yoru!
Just to let you all know, Multiple Personality Disorder, officially called Dissociative Identity Disorder is a Freudian concept. Now, I won't go into the details, but the theory goes that a person blanks out (due to a traumatizing experience or intense fear/discomfort) and literally becomes someone else. A person can be perfectly healthy, but have a personality with diabetes or something.
Now there is NO PROOF, medical, scientific, or otherwise, that this disease exists. However the theory is popular for TV shows, movies, etc. I do believe people act different in different circumstances as a way to defend themselves against whatever, and that actively forgetting something is another defense mechanism, but until there's proof for DID, it's just an interesting concept and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

Yoru and Nao (or is he Ran at this point...?) cross paths, and Sora passes out.
Sora remembers something from his past (his childhood) and Nao is there. He wakes up in the nurse's office screaming, and there's the teacher, Matsuri, and Nanami crowded around him.
The scene ends in Nao being a tsundere about things, and Sora yelling about how Nao "isn't cute at all!"... I'm wondering why that matters... Foreshadowing~?

THIS is the final picture~! If any of you are little perverts like me, you've probably run across a game called "Absolute Obedience". If you look at Matsuri and Sora, don't they kind of look like Kia and Louise? I dunno, that's what I've been thinking ever since I saw both of them~ Here's a picture for all you innocents to look at, if you dunno what I'm talking about~

When I say that, I mean APPEARANCE ONLY! And Sora's accent sounds like Kia's...~ Yeah.

As for the anime as a whole, disregarding the whole "DID is fictional" thing, I really enjoyed it. The art isn't too bad, the characters (other than Nao) don't make me want to jump out of a four-story window, and the comedy is pretty funny. The fanservice isn't half-bad either.
Downsides: It's a pretty old anime, and there are some facts they got wrong. Plus, it doesn't seem like there are many women in it. That's fine, but I typically enjoy yuri more than yaoi, so it's not quite my cup of tea.
I do think I'll continue watching it, though~
OH MY FUCKING GODS THAT WAS LONG! I'm so sorry everyone, but thank you for sticking with me~

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