Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Christmas and Poke-Fusions!

Merry Christmas Everyone! Or Happy Holidays! Or Happy... normal day? 
I dunno, but just enjoy the day. I hope all of you Whovians are okay! What with all the angels, Christmas tree's, and snowmen! Yeah... 
Aggroe and I spent the holidays together this year, which mostly consisted of playing games with my sisters and eating a ton of pie... and candy. I'm going to get diabetes if I don't have it already. It was worth it though. 
I'd love to share our epicly decorated apartment! We've got the greatest Christmas tree, awesome stockings, and Aggroe even decorated her desk with Portal 2 heart lights. It's pretty epic! Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures before we left so our awesome apartment decorations are going to have to wait!
Oh! And we won the gingerbread house building contest with our awesome house with a dead gingerbread body on it. We get demented when decorating sometimes ^^"

That's pretty much all about Christmas, but I've got some other hilarious things to share! The other night Aggroe and I non-stopped created Poke-fusions. What are these? When you take one Pokemon and another Pokemon and fuse them together. 
Here are quite a few of my favorites with some awful poke-puns.

I'd doish that ;)

I Nidochoke a bitch!

Jyneon? More like FABeon!!

This pokemon has been smoking a little too much Dopie...

Goldeen's new makeover...

This guy is the original Hypster! Before pokefusions were cool!

Want some sprinkles on that Kakeon?

Does THIS look like the face of mercy!?

I wanna see your Pikauk, kauk, kauk. Your Pikauk!

Hey kids, wanna see my Jigglybone? ;)

Lastly, Pinduo~ Edited by Aggroe!

We hope you all had a Merry Christmas! Also, I am not at all sorry for these Poke-puns, awful as they were! Which one is your favorite?! If you want to create one then here is the awesome link to the Poke-fusions! 
Share your epic Pokemon fusions with us!
Anemone <3

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