Sunday, December 22, 2013

Anemone's Top 3 Anime

Hey Everyone!
Figured I'd post about my newest favorite anime that's ongoing right now. To be quite honest there was nothing I was really interested in watching for this season until some friends recommended some good ones to me!

1. Nagi No Asukara.

Click here to watch Nagi No Asukara
This anime has to be my favorite of the moment. This anime is basically about how fish people and humans can't get along. There's a few kids in the show that try to get enough people together to celebrate a holiday where humans and fish people get along together. What happens if they fail? The sea god will freeze the earth. It's very racial.

My favorite thing about this anime is the art. I love how all of the sea people have pretty, bright blue eyes! My favorite character has to be Hikari or Hii-kun. All of my friends hate him because he is a major Tsundere and always picks on his crush. Yeah but I totally love him!

2. Golden Time

Click here to watch Golden Time
This anime is about a boy with amnesia that goes to a new school. He falls in love with a beautiful girl and at the same time begins to regain his memories about his middle school crush. It's a bit sad when you think of it. I absolutely love how emotional this anime gets. I love really emotional/dramatic anime and this has to be one of the best romance anime I've ever seen because I can connect with it so well! Not all relationships are happy with normal people.

My favorite character is Koko because she is insane. No seriously. She will haunt you down and force you to love her. I love how random she is!

3. Kill La Kill

Click here to watch Kill La Kill
Lastly I am also watching Kill La Kill. Which is my least favorite only because I can't relate to it nearly as well. I love how hilarious and over the top it is! It's fun to watch if you want something silly and out of control. Somehow the art style and over the topness (yeah that's not a word >.>) and pervertedness somehow remind me of Panty and Stocking with Garterbelt.

My favorite character is Tsumugu because his weapon is a freaking SEWING MACHINE! Did anyone else notice that? Seriously he's epic.
Also Nonon. She is pink. Her weapon is a heart shaped spaceship that's powered by music and shoots pink hearts. Your argument is invalid.

What are your favorite anime of the season? Any of these ones here? There are a few I have yet to check out but these are the three I have been hooked on. Check them out! DO IT! NOW >.>
Anemone <3

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