Thursday, December 26, 2013

Alice! Cosplay! Conventions! Oh My!

Hey Everyone!
I am seriously the most exhausted person right now. Pretty much just spent the day hooping. Besides getting Aggroe hooked on Alice: Madness Returns that is! If you haven't played it then you need to check it out because it's my favorite game pretty much ever.

I'm seriously so stuffed from Christmas that I had to turn on our work out picture frame (a digital picture frame with random pop up work outs). On the bright side my stomach feels great!
Speaking of Christmas I got some pretty sweet nerdy things! Like a Superman and Adventure time shirt (because people know how much I adore geeky shirts). Also got a blonde wig for a cosplay! I can't stop wearing it! It's so wonderful! I never realized I looked pretty cute as a blonde XD
Also got ramune and Hi-chew which are my favorite Japanese treats! I buy them at every convention I go to! I didn't even realize we had places around here that sell these yummies! Uh-oh! XD
I'll post some pictures up very soon of our apartment decorations and wigs and such! As long as I don't keep forgetting while it's still light out ^^" Darn winter!
Anyways I may go up to Portland with Aggroe this Saturday for Newcon. MAYBE. I've been looking forward all year to this con and I didn't think I was going to be able to go. Yet because the roads look clear I can drive up and hang out with some old friends and POOLCON!
Poolcon is the Newcon party at the pool. It's not an event so you don't need a badge. Nope. It's just a giant pool party that goes on pretty much all convention long! If your in Portland I'd suggest going for sure!
I plan to take a ton of pictures and videos even though I wont be there too long. I'm excited to see old friends and take Aggroe to her first taste at an anime convention!
I'm gonna give another hint for my newest cosplay. I'm blonde, I'm a guy (fem version actually but the anime character is originally a guy), and I am from a more recent anime! Who am I? ;)
I'm off to bed from being so insanely exhausted from the last few days! More amazing things are on the way!
Anemone <3

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