Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Minecraft, and why I love Fable II

Yooooooo! Aggroe here!
Today, I'll be talking about my FAVORITE Minecraft mods, and why I like them~
Day 4: Hero!... (well, main character~)
My favorite video game hero would have to be the main character in Fable II.
Now, this wasn't /my/ main character, but it's sorta close~ Mine was Fearmonger the Crossdressing Fiend! He was muscular, scrawny, evil, and sexy as fuck~ I just... This game... HRNG!
*has played it through 17 times*
*evil on every playthrough*
*no regrets*
Time for those 18 and older to play...
Since it's Aggroe's HTD~!
So this one... This one...
This one raped my soul. I want to bleach my eyes, and I'm only half joking. You'll enjoy this if you're into shibari, fisting, netorare... And other horrible things.
For your sanity's sake,

Well, I'm going to cry myself to sleep now.
NOW! The daily dose of Japan is here~
Romanized as "tsuyoi"
Pronounced: "tsoo-yoh-ee"

This word is an adjective meaning strong! Um... that's pretty self explanatory~~~~

So lately, I've been playing a LOT of Minecraft. With this game, I usually have periods of time where I play for 3~4 weeks on end, then I can go about 5 months without even thinking about it.
Minecraft, in case you don't know, is a sandbox game. Basically, you get thrown into a block world where you then must survive~ Build a shelter, collect resources, and kill enemies at night. I'm kind of a casual, because I prefer to play in creative mode- no enemies, unlimited resurces- and build Pokemon structures and re-create the TARDIS out of lapis lazuli and blue wool~
So today, I want to talk about my TOP 5 MINECRAFT MODS~ At least, my current favorites~
I will do a mod showcase for all of them! (Also... all of them are for version 1.6.4, unfortunately...)
#5: MrCrayfish's Furniture mod!
This mod adds ALL KINDS of AWESOME furniture! You get tables, chairs, a lamp, kitchen stuff, and a TON of other fun things~ Fences, bird baths... Y'know, all that "American Dream" shit~
MrCrayfish's Furniture Mod~
It makes Minecraft a lot more homey, if you like that~ I do believe it requires Forge, at least, that's what I use. I'll add a tutorial on how to use Forge at some point in the future~ Also, the download link for Forge will be below~
#4: Too Many Items mod!
This mod is one that most Minecrafters who use mods enjoy~ I actually really like it! It's not my most favorite mod, but it does help me with builds when I feel like being a badass and rocking Survival mode, but I still wanna build cool stuff right away~
#3: Morphing mod!
This mod lets you MORPH INTO ANYTHING YOU KILL! Let's say you kill a Creeper? Bam. You ARE a creeper. It's so cool, especially when paired with number 1 on my list~! I LOVE THIS MOD TO DEATH! SO BEAUTIFUL!
Morphing Mod 
#2: Carpenter's Blocks mod!
This mod adds a TON of cool things~ Using it, you can make a shit ton of beautiful builds~! I don't quite know how to explain it, but it's AWESOME! You can give the colored clay blocks the texture of bricks! BLUE FUCKING BRICK! HELL YES!
Carpenter's Blocks Mod 

Finally... We're here.

The final step of our modding journey together.
Will this be all?
Or will there be more modding glory?
Aggroe's favorite mod, of all time...


This mod...
All the love I have for this mod is just overflowing.
I can't even put into words how awesome this mod is.
Basically, it adds Pokemon to Minecraft!
You can catch them, evolve them, battle them, heal them, and spawn them! HRNG!
This mod is all the win! I'm actually building a map for my currently broken Pixelmon server.

Pixelmon Mod
They are currently working on version 3.0, and I check this blog every day so that I know when it comes out~ I'm addicted to this mod more than I care to admit!

Here's the download for Minecraft Forge~ Download the installer and change the directory to wherever Minecraft's game files are located. Typically this is in the appdata>.minecraft, which will be the default.
That's about all for now! I hope you enjoy playing Minecraft the Aggroe way~

Good night and sweet dreams~

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