Saturday, January 4, 2014

Gaming Stuff~

Yo! So today, I want to talk about some of my most recent achievements, mostly gaming related because that's what I enjoy~
1. Super Hexagon
When I started playing this game, it was a major rage game for me! You can find a download online for about 3 dollars, and it provides a TON of fun~ In this game, there's a hexagon in the center, and an arrow. You move the arrow around the hexagon to dodge the glowing panels to the beat of techno music. It is... painful. At least until you get used to it~
I spend maybe 30 minutes/an hour a day playing. Anyways, the ultimate rage game. This game always left me angry for the first week, and I couldn't even get past 15 seconds! It takes 60 seconds to beat each level, and there are 6... 3 must be unlocked, though. I want to show you guys my accomplishments in this game because FUCK YES I AM HAPPY~!

Here is a screencap of my high score from level 1~ A whopping 60 seconds and 28 seconds! By beating it, I unlocked Hexagon - Hyper Mode!

These are levels 2 and 3... Haven't beaten them yet, but I'm almost there!... Sort of.

Here is level 1's Hyper Mode. It's fun, but pretty difficult...

2. Alice: Madness Returns
So it turns out, Anemone own a game called Alice: Madness Returns. It's on the Xbox 360, PC, and probably the PS3. Basically, this is a sequel to American McGee's Alice, both of which are twisted versions of the children's tale Alice in Wonderland. Alice is mentally unstable due to the fire that killed her whole family, and she escapes to "Wonderland", a creation of her mind to protect her from reality.
Anemone's favorite dress is the rightmost one, mine is the second from the left~
I beat it a few hours ago and had a lot of fun! It's not all that challenging, but there are a lot of extras and special content, plus it's.... Well, it's terrifying. In the part with the Queen of Heart, the Red Queen, Alice has to crush all of her hearts and is then sort of eaten by the Red Queen. Creepy.
This is from the intro sequence. I love it!
This is "Hysteria Mode". When Alice's health gets low, you can activate it.
I am starting a New Game+, and hopefully will have a lot more fun with it~
3. Hula Hooping
I'm not very good at it, but hula hooping is helping me lose weight even though I fail miserably~ It's a lot of fun though, Anemone and I go and dance to music outside with our roommate and our hula hoops. So cool!
I don't have a picture for this one, sorry...~
Now for January's challenge~ I also realize that neither Anemone nor Myself listed what the 31-Day January Challenge entailed exactly, so here's the list! Feel free to share on Facebook and use it yourself or whatever~
Day 4: Best Male Friend
If I could pick any guy from any anime to be my best friend, it would probably be Naegi from Dangan Ronpa.
He's a bit melodramatic, but he's fairly clever and intelligent. I could have an intelligent conversation with him. Despite that, he also enjoys just having fun and living life. I feel like outside of the Dangan Ronpa-verse he would be pretty adventurous, judging by how he acts, so I know that we could also have a ton of fun.
So that's about it~ I recently started playing the Assassin's Creed series, and am also playing Amneisa: Dark Descent, and I might post playthroughs if I feel like it...~

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