Sunday, January 12, 2014

Truth or Dare, SCP-087, and GOALS!

Hello Everyone!
Today Aggroe and I started learning dancing and yoga! It was pretty intense. I managed to fly off a chair and into Aggroe's gigantic boobs! We're learning chair and belly dancing and let me just say OUCH. Anyways that's why we hadn't posted this weekend. Also because my boyfriend had come all the way to see me (He lives in a different state). So we had a pretty exciting weekend!
Anyways, give us some truths and dares on our facebook: Aggroe and Anemone Facebook
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We will be filming our truth or dare tomorrow! Monday the 13th! Also don't forget to vote for your starting Pokemon on the right side poll!
Anyways! I ended up doing a play through of an absolutely scary game! SCP-087 based off the story. Read SCP-087 Story It's not one of my favorite stories, but the game managed to scare me to death. I'll have that up for everyone tomorrow morning!
So Aggroe and I are making some awesome work out goals! Since we live together now might as well motivate each other right!? So here is a list of some of my own personal work out goals.

1. Flex my pecs

No seriously. Giant muscles under my lumps of fat known as boobs. Yes please. If I can bounce my boobs by flexing my pecs I would be a total show off, no joke. Not to mention my Makoto cosplay would be way more fun, just saying!
Boob Flexing to the (Scary) Extreme!

2. Dancing

Chair dancing, belly dancing, and maybe even pole dancing! Exercise is way more fun when you get to feel sexy from it. Hula hooping has been my passion for a while now so I am pretty excited and ready to try some new dances! There is a specific dance in mind that I would really like to learn this year~ Hyuna's Bubble Pop! Bubble Pop- Hyuna

3. Have a V shape. 

I know this sounds weird but I adore the "V" shape some girls get. It's one of my favorite looking muscles (May be a bit obsessed with how bodies look~) It's cute and I love it.

4. Do the splits

Everyone secretly wants to do the splits right? No? Well anyways I think it would be a great trick to learn! You could be the life of the party when you show up and start dancing and do the splits. F Yeah!

5. Pull my leg up to my head.

Because again, it looks pretty damn cool! No real reason, I just want to :D

So those are a few of my new work out goals. I've also managed to accomplish a few other goals such as holding a crow pose, doing a 5 minute wall sit, I did a pull up for the first time in my life, and I hula hoop dance. It just goes to show that goals are easier to reach than they seem!

Speaking of goals, remember my new years resolutions post? This week I will be reading the Hunger Games! (The first book) for my first book of 2014. 0/52 books read this year. LET THE GAMES BEGIN.

Also here are the last few days challenges! (Sorry I fail ;_;)

Day 9: Weapon

My anime weapon would probably have to be the death note because f*** you, I am Kira >:D
I could just kill anyone who wants to be mean to me and no one would be able to stop me because L is dead now *spoiler alert?* So I am unstoppable! Oh, also don't piss me off :D

Day 10: Unnatural Power

I would love to be able to transform into Princess Tutu!

I could save people from their emotions by dancing and flowers and love. That is seriously her power and I love it. I could stop all the bad guys by dancing at them. Sounds good to me! <3

Day 11: Natural Skill

I'd pick Shinku Izumi from Dog Days.

I just started this anime but I would love to be as strong and balanced as him! He is a major parkour master and he doesn't use doors, just jumps out of windows. Basically he's AWESOME.

Day 12: Outfit

I would choose Madoka's Magical Girl outfit!

I love pink, bows, frills, fluffy dresses. I totally adore her dress and I would love to cosplay it! She's just too cute <3
Goodnight Everyone! Sweet Dreams! Good Night
Anemone <3

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