Monday, January 20, 2014

FINALLY! I got to sleep early! Wait... 7? That's TOO EARLY!

So I was planning on blogging earlier, until I laid down to rest the strained muscle in my back (it's been hurting for DAAAAYS now!) When I opened my eyes again, Anemone was asleep, and it was 4 hourse later. Well damn.
I guess I'll pull a video game all nighter for my first time in this apartment~ WOOT!
So I just woke up.
I'm not popular, so I'll blog.
First off, January's challenge!
Day 20: Hairstyle!
As for a hairstyle, I'd like to have Flugel's hair, from .hack//Link.
Well, honestly I haven't seen this far into the anime, so the internet told me this was the series he was in... If I'm wrong, please forgive meeeeeee!
Yeah. That hair. I want it.
*ahem* Yeah. I like his hair a lot~ I had originally wanted something shorter, and fairly spiky, but then I came across this and immediately wanted it on my head~
Now, it's time for all you 18+ fans to have some time to yourself for "private time"!
It's Aggroe's HTD!
Now this one is weird... VERY weird. After Anemone's last night, we agreed on a war to find the most fucked up hentai out there, and I found this gem. With tags like futanari, toys, ahegao, and yandere, how could I pass it up? PLUS THAT TITLE HOLY CRAP! WHAT!?
Actually, this is terrifying. Anyways, enjoy~

I am dead tired, and as such, my brain refuses to function. Strained a muscle in my back from weight lifting and not stretching right, so nothing more than leg/ab work for me tomorrow... Boo...
(holyshitiwishilookedthisbeautifulwhenicry) <-Also, does anyone know what anime that gif is from? I kind of want to watch it now~
Good night and sweet dreams~
Pantsu! Pantsu! Pantsu~!


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