Tuesday, January 14, 2014


Good Evening Everyone~
Today Aggroe and I answered all of your truth and dare questions! We got a few pretty great ones and we are editing the video tonight to be put up tomorrow. If it's not up tomorrow be patient because the audio needs to be fixed up a little (I'm a little too quiet ^^"). We're almost finished with it so there should be no worries!
Also here is a sneak peak picture for you~
What is up with my face!? You'll find out why I am so horrified tomorrow~

We also have so much extra hilarious footage that we are also doing a bloopers video!
Speaking of videos I finished editing my SCP-087 game! Have fun watching me cry like a little baby!
SCP-087 Play Through

Lastly, today's challenge!
13. Favorite Anime OP
My favorite anime Opening is Sakura from Eureka 7, I also really adore the opening to Kotoura-san!
Eureka 7 OP
Kotoura-san OP

Anyways that's all for tonight, good night!
Anemone <3

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