Thursday, January 16, 2014

Kotoura-san and Tip Taps Tip

Hello Everyone!
Anemone here! Today was pretty uneventful. I didn't wake up until half way through the day and I have a head ache. It's that time where everyone is getting sick... I just happen to be one of those infected. *sniffles* Anyways, sorry about the delayed Truth or Dare. We've had some trouble with the sound and have to fix it. There's also so much footage we'll be making it into 2 different videos.
Since I feel sick today I have a kind of writers block, but I have watched some anime recently.

I finished watching Kotoura-san and LOVED it. I was a little disappointed in the ending. I felt like there would be a lot more to it but there wasn't. It ended really quickly. When I went to click on the next episode there wasn't one, it was just.... done. Though the rest of it was great! It's really cute and fun. Kotoura san is a romantic comedy with one of the saddest beginnings to any anime I have ever seen. It's about Kotoura, a girl who can read minds and joins and ESP club. She also finds the boy of her dreams, Manabe. Who is a total pervert! I loved this anime.
Click to watch Kotoura-san


Also for all you perverts out there here are some wonderful hentai stories that I may or may not have read :D
Go at it your perverted little otakus~ <3

Challenge! Day 14: Anime ED! 

My favorite anime ED or all time, as long as the anime ED I'd have for my own life would be Tips Tap Tips from Eureka 7 which also happens to be one of my favorite songs.

Tip Taps Tip

That's pretty much it for tonight! I'm going to take some cold medicine and get some sleep~
Goodnight all~
Anemone <3

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