Monday, November 11, 2013


Good evening everyone~
Today is book day! Hooray! So I have a few good Steven King books and a few comics set aside to read. Also a few fantasy/romance novels. Yes, I love those. Get over it! I haven't read them yet because they are all packed up for moving this Saturday!
Instead you know how some people make a summer reading list for when they are out of school? Well since I'm kind of perminantly out of school I decided to make me WINTER reading list of AWESOMENESS! So I wanted to share a few books that I hope to soon read!
On my list:

1. The Fault in Our Stars by John Green

I've been watching the vlog brothers on youtube for quite some time. John Green is one of them and for the longest time I had no idea he is a writer. I first heard of his book Looking for Alaska, which didn't sound too interesting to me. I started seeing his newest novel The Fault in Our Stars appearing more often on websites, in bookstores, and after a while I was pretty curious! After reading a bit about the book I was intrigued and now it's on my top reading list!

2. Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling

Yes to be honest I have never read Harry Potter. I've seen all the movies and I really liked them! I had friends in high school that would go on constantly about the books. At that moment in time I wasn't really interested in it. After a little time and consideration I want to give the books a shot. If anyone spoils it for me I probably wont read them. Let me first time fan girl over these books! It will happen!

3. The Host by Stephanie Meyers

This is the woman who wrote Twilight. My sister read the Host and loved it! My sister reads some REALLY
GOOD BOOKS. If she likes the Host then I will take her word for it. I saw the movie a couple of months ago and HATED it. The movie was completely awful. My sister told me that the book was much different. After reading Cirque Du Freak and then seeing The Vampires Assistant movie I know that books and movies can be COMPLETELY different. So I want to give the Host a shot! All you who wont read it because of Twilight can go f*** off~ This is my reading list. Not yours :D

4. Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerland

I've actually never read this book in school or had a teacher assign it to me. (Doing good education, thanks for screwing me over.) I saw the movie in theaters a while back and let me say it is easily one of my favorite movies. It was sexy, suspicious, sad, and just down right AWESOME! Now a ton of people are telling me Great Gatsby is one of the most boring books they have ever read. The movie is so epic I just can't bring myself to believe the book is bad. Despite what everyone says I'm still going to read it!

5. Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

I'm always a bit behind when it comes to book trends. I'm very picky when reading and I don't really trust other people's opinions on books. The movie itself was pretty good! I really liked it. The reason I want to read the Hunger Games is mainly because my sister recommended it to me. She's also spoiled a bit of it for me. (I like knowing major twists beforehand so I have to read to find out what's going to happen!) I'm excited to read these books!

Now I know I was contradicting myself a bit when I said I like knowing things that get me excited to read a book, but also saying don't spoil Harry Potter for me. This is because I've already heard so much about the Harry Potter books that it almost makes me not want to read them. If I hear any more I probably wont be in the mood to check them out.
If you have a book you want to recommend then go ahead and leave a comment here or on our Facebook Page~
Anemone <3

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