Sunday, November 10, 2013

Spiderman, Bullying, and Companions!? It's Random day with Anemone!

According to our poll Spiderman won the Favorite Super Hero!
He's one of mine but I didn't vote for him. Epic right!? Anyways, our next poll is. . .

Who is your favorite companion!? 

Martha? Rose? Captain Jack!? What do you think?
If you want to vote then scroll to the very bottom of the page and it will be on the right hand side! Hurry because the poll closes on 11-16! You have until next Saturday to decide on your favorite! Who will it be? ;)

Also! How many of you out in this big bad world are cosplayers! How many of you have been bullied for your gender, race, weight, or cosplay choice? How many of you have been sexually harrased by men or women calling you a slut? How many of you are just trying to enjoy your home made adventure time and Homestuck, and Hetalia cosplays when all of the sudden a group of assholes decide to tell you that you're not a real cosplayer and your fandom sucks? Yeah it happens to everyone.
If you are in the need to blow off some steam or need advice on how to cope with this kind of bullying (Yes! This is bullying!) then feel free to join the cosplay page: Cos We Care. This is a bullying free page where you can talk about your good and bad experiences in cosplay!
If you would like to join here is the link: Cos We Care

Another thing I have found recently. I never understood "fake geek girl" references for the longest time. By the way women reacted to it I thought it was some sort of gang of boys hating on nerdy girls because they were secretly gay, and very rude.
This is false! These "fake geek girl" tumblr pictures are HILARIOUS!!!!!!! I was laughing so hard. Half because the photo's were funny and half at the comments of women who took these pictures literally. Seriously, they are hilarious. I love fake geek girl pictures and honestly if someone calling me fake would just make me laugh inside. Here's what I'm talking about~
I also love the ones where girls get back at guys! I'll post a few of my favorites~


Anyways, anyone who decides to take these pictures to heart deserve to get butthurt. I think they are funny. No one has ever called me fake, and if one day it does happen then it's no big deal because I know I'm not. If people are trying to drive you away because you are "fake" then those guys are really insecure!
So have a wonderful night! Join the anti bullying page! Vote on your favorite companion! And take jokes lightly!
Anemone <3

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