Friday, January 31, 2014

Video Games and Yuri~ (Aggroe's two favorite things!)

Good evening everyone! January's coming to a close, and my roommates and I are looking forward to an exciting February! As far as games I plan to try, there are a couple that pop out in my mind.
They will be listed in the order of how excited I am to try them, from least to most~
#5: Pokemon X or Y!
I don't actually have a 3DS, in fact, the newest DS I have is a DSi that I bought in Japan. If I were to invest in a 3DS it would only be for this game. I'm not too impressed by it, but Pokemon is Pokemon... And I like adventures~ X and Y are supposed to have some cool new features~
#4: Higurashi Series!

I loved the anime to death! I've seen it 3 or 4 times all the way through, minus the OVAs, so I want to play the original visual novels~ They seem so cool, despite the bad graphics!
#3: Penumbra
This game is supposed to be pretty Amnesia-esque, despite being a bit older. I'm looking forward to trying it out~ The screenshots make it look pretty scary!
#2:  Assassin's Creed II
I've actually never played this series before, though I'm looking to get my hands on it~ I've heard that the second one is the best... I /do/ plan on playing them in order, but this is the one I'm most excited about!
And my top game to try this year...
#1: Monster Girl Quest, RPG!
There is a new version of MGQ coming out, and here you can find some info about it~
Day 30: Anime Sex Life
If I could choose a sex life from any anime at all, I would choose  the relationship between Shinobu and Naitou from Shoujo Sect: Innocent Lovers.
Okay, first off, this manga was the first I had seen of sex in the manga/anime verse. Secondly, it was yuri that I had ever read. I haven't seen all the way through the anime yet, but the ending to the manga is super sweet. It starts off pretty one-sided, but becomes something wonderful. They are so beautiful together, and I want a girl like Naitou by my side, someone I can laugh with, talk with, and have wonderful sex with~ <3 *the only time you'll see me use a heart*
*this gif is absolutely positively related*
*so is this 18+ one*
While we're on the topic, it's time for...
Aggroe's HTD!
This isn't an original work, for once! It's a Sailor Moon doujin with some yuri/futanari stuff. Enjoy~ I know I did~
Now, for the daily dose of Japan!
Did you know?
Japanese high schools are set up WAY differently than American schools! I'm sure you knew that much, but did you know that they typically go to school for three months, then get a month long break? It's set up more like college, in that respect~ Also, the teachers change classrooms every period rather than the students! The only exception to that would be things like PE and swimming~
Everyone is expected to join a club, and to do well in that club. Also, some schools have classes on Saturdays... Not to mention, a lot of the kids are forced to go to cram school after normal school, which is all about cramming for entrance exams for college. These cram schools typically last until late at night. Fun, huh?
It's pretty late, and I want to watch some Shoujo Sect before bed, yum~
Good night and sweet dreams!

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