Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Awesome Asian Styles!

Hello Everyone~
Since yesterday I talked about Cosplay today I will post Geeky Gone Girly~ This is less geeky and more just trendy. I'm gonna give you a few of my favorite Asian styles! Since me and Aggroe both like Asian things XD I mean who doesn't? So here are 7 Asian styles for each day of the week in order from my least favorite to favorite~

7. I'm a huge fan of Decora Kei! This one is completely INSANE! These girls seriously look lie My Little Ponies! They cover themselves with all kinds of pretty pastel colored necklaces, hair clips, bows, earrings, everything you can possibly think of! They are covered!

6. There is also Fairy Kei which is a lot like Decora only with less accessories. It's very pastel and pretty but toned down a lot. A lot of people say they are the same thing. I can see it too they look very similar.  Also while Decora is more rainbow and pastel colors, Fairy is more just pastel. Also Fairy girls normaly have very pastel colored hair as wall.

5. There's also Lolita which I love! It's basically big hair, big dresses, big jewelry, sparkly, pink, girly, gorgeous and very dressy! There are different types of Lolita too. Like Gothic Lolita or Victorian Lolita, I've even seen Steam punk Lolita mashups! It's very elegant looking and very cute!

4. The next style I adore is Ulzzang! It's pretty much the Japanese hipster! Big glasses, sweaters with shorts, baggy clothes. The eyes are also wide and long but not nearly as dark as Gyaru.  It's very chill and cozy looking and it's more on the adorable side.

3. Visual Kei is another favorite! It's like Japanese punk goth! Lots of black and darker colors with pops of neon! The makeup is usually very dark. The hair is spiky and very colorful! It's like if you took punk and goth and mixed it together with all the insane accessories and clothing that is visual kei! In my honest opinion this one looks hot on guys!

2. Gyaru comes in as one of my favorites because I love it when a girl can pull off both cute and sexy and that's just what Gyaru is! Girls tend to have the really big, fluffy, curly hair. It can look a little outrageous and I think that's awesome! Also really dark, really big eyes are a big part of this style! The fashion is pretty trendy looking!

1. My ultimate favorite style is school girl! Now I don't think this is an official Japanese style but damn do I love it! Cardigans, bow ties, blouses, plaid skirts, knee high socks! All of my favorite articles of clothing in one! The make up and hair is usually very basic and pretty.

So for this next week I'll do something super fun and to my best ability imitate these styles! I'll post all of the pictures up next week! So prepare for that! Which style is your favorite? Tell me in the comments or on our facebook page Here~
I hope you liked this Geeky Gone Girly even though it wasn't very geeky, but oh well! Enjoy~!
Anemone <3

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