Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Nerdiest and Most Epic of Music!

Good Afternoon Everyone~
So for fun I wanted to show off some music I've absolutely been in love with. There's a lot that I've been listening to but I'll show you my top 5! I know Aggroe absolutely loves some of these artists too. If you want to listen to something inspiring and really upbeat all of these artists are perfect for that! I'm sure you'll find something you like!

5. Dragon Force

One of my friends made me a mixed CD with Dragon Force years ago. I've been in love with this band ever since! Their songs are really long with insane guitar solos! Their music is fantasy metal genre and it's pretty uplifting! If I were to have any song play as I enter a room or walk down a hallway it would be A Flame For Freedom because the opening is awesome!
Dragon Force- A Flame for Freedom

4. Love is a Story

Aggroe first showed me them many many years ago. They were my favorite artist for quite a while. My favorite song by them is Science of Sound. I love all the video game references! It's such a fun upbeat song and it's kind of romantic in my opinion! All of their other music is really great too! Check them out!
Love is a Story- The Science of Sound

3. Crunk Witch

I love the sound of Crunk Witch! I've never been good at describing the sound of music but this band has a
really unique sound!! It's intense and upbeat and I love it! My favorite song is Battle Beyond because it's also romantic and reminds me of castles and warriors and epic battles!
Crunk Witch- Battle Beyond

2. I Fight Dragons

This band is so cute and I love it! Their music is very 8-bit style and fun. It's probably the tamest/least intense of all the other music but that's why I like it. It's just happy. I love their Album: Demos That Didn't Make Kaboom! It's just an album of Demos that they didn't put in their first album. My favorite song is Night and Day because it's easy to sing to and the beat is cute!
I Fight Dragons- Night and Day

1. Ken Ashcorp

My favorite artist recently is Ken Ashcorp and I know Aggroe loves him as much as I do! All of his songs are beyond amazing!! They all sound different and I love that. Most of them are really nerdy but you couldn't tell unless you listen. Then there are some that are just plain hilarious and nerdy and I love them! I couldn't pick a favorite song if I tried. I love them all. So I'll post a few of them for you all~ He's also a gamer and has a gorgeous voice! (musician crush~)!
Ken Ashcorp- Touch Fluffy Tail His song about the game Monster Girl Quest (One of my favorite games).
Ken Ashcorp- What PS2? Song about the Navy Seal Creepypasta! It's HILARIOUS!!
Ken Ashcorp- 20 Percent Cooler Brony Song. Most. Epic. Brony. Song. EVER.

Enjoy all of this lovely music and share some of your favorite artists!
Anemone <3

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