Friday, October 25, 2013

Kumoricon Photos~

Hello Everyone~
So this weekend I was supposed to be going to Akicon 2013. (Which would have been my first year at Akicon). Since I'm moving out in less than a month I wasn't able to make it sadly. I was pretty excited about it too but I guess that's what I get for being an adult. BLEH!

Anyways It got me thinking about Kumoricon a few months ago. I figured since I wont have any Akicon photos why not post my favorites from Kumoricon?! :D 
This first photo an awesome guy came up and  handed me a giant sword. I'm way too happy with this picture. I love it when people do awesome stuff like this! 

This next one is Princess Euphy fighting with this AWESOME Sasha from Attack on Titan! I wanted to take a picture like this for a while XD

These next few are of my and a few other Code Geass Characters together~

These next ones are cosplayers with really awesome dresses! 

Last I ended this day as Bloody Euphemia. This picture I was trying to Yandere face but it looks like I'm really just flipping people off! Sorry! 

So those were my princess Euphy days at Kumoricon! I hope everyone who is going to Akicon this weekend has a good time! See you guys next time~
Anemone <3

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