Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Harvest Moon FEVER!

Alright, so I have little to no life, and I wanted to make a playthrough! But... My PC isn't hooked up right, since I don't have the right cord, and none of my ROMs are loading up. All my horror games lag too much to even play on this laptop. SO... The only ROMs I could load are my Harvest Moon ROMs, and I thought to myself 'why the hell not?'
Here's playthrough part one, with commentary!

Alright, in the spot where I'm talking about the Japanese girl version DS game (Harvest Moon DS Cute in English) I was going to say that they have a nifty thing called "Best Friends Mode" in which there are 3 girls, a witch, a mermaid, and a girl who lives at the bottom of a mine, who you can live with as roommates. A season later, the mayor Thomas delivers a randomized baby. They took this out of the English version which really pissed me off.
You see, this game has implied sex, a bar, flirting (and in the DS version it's VERY obvious flirting), marriages in which the partner is 10-20 years older than the main character, and even a scene in which the main character gets so drunk that she has to be carried home and put in bed by the love interest!! What about that says "kid-friendly" to you, huh?
So what, roommates of the same gender raising a non-biological kid is so bad?
What about drinking??
American logic makes no sense to me...

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