Friday, October 11, 2013

Blue October Concert!

I finally finished uploading my Blue October concert video :) The concert was beyond amazing! He did great performances that my camera gave no justice to! I'm sure there are better videos of the concert out there but this one is just my own personal experience!
We got there at about 6pm and got some food on our way so I thought we were going to be later but we actually ended up really close to the stage! (Like I said, my video does this concert no justice! We were a LOT closer than the video looks!)
One funny story of the night is that while one of the opening bands were playing I was so busy pointing out to my friend the incredibly cute guitar player that I ended up getting hit in the face with a drum stick! Yeah. The singer threw it right at my face but that's what I get for oggling over cute boys.
They had some really great performances. At the end of the song "X Amount of Words" they had a great guitar solo ending between two of the guys playing guitar. Also in the beginning of one of their songs (I can't remember!) he sat of the stage and everything he said echoed through the speakers. Those were a few favorite moments~
Anyways here's the video of the road trip up there and the concert! Enjoy~!
Blue October Concert Vlog
Anemone <3

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