Wednesday, October 23, 2013

So Tell Me What You Want, What You Really Really Want! :D

 Good morning everyone! Or should I say afternoon? I just woke up so eh, it's morning o.0
Anyways I wanted to tell you all that we are soon going to have a Truth or Dare video up once we reach 50 facebook friends! So come add us here at Also don't forget to post your dares and questions!
Goodness Aggroe has been gone quite a while. She does get very busy! Let's hope she gets back soon! She has a really terrifying video from the Luna games we played last Saturday! Basically the game didn't run the way it was supposed to and all went to hell. It was horrifying ;_; While waiting you can check out some of our other videos at our youtube here~ 
Also is anyone interested in R-18 gaming? I've recently grown addicted to an adult RPG game and if you all want I can post playthroughs of the amazing Monster Girl Quest! You go around fighting monsters as the brave hero Luka. You have to find the demon lord and kill her so that humans and monsters can live happily together. The game does have a lot of vore and sex scenes though. You may think I'm a pervert but at least I'm a fun pervert!
Those are just a few quicky updates and such~ Is there anything you want to request? A game, a topic, a tutorial, a comic/manga/book? Request it in the comments or on our facebook!
Have a wonderful day and join us later tonight for some more geeky fun! <3
Anemone <3

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