Saturday, October 12, 2013

Anime Fun Stuffs~

Hello Everyone! Sorry to post so late! I had quite the weekend! :) Started off with Aggroe and I playing games and watching horror movies all night! Then spending the next day playing Champions of Norrath with the boyfriend~ Lastly ended with making "100 Things I Love" lists with a really awesome friend of mine~ Then tomorrow back to work!
Enough about my weekend! I want to update everyone with what Anime I'm currently watching and a first impressions review!
First off I'm watching Rainbow: Nisha Rokubou no Shichinin. It's absolutely a major favorite! Dark and sad and suspenseful! I adore it! Rainbow is about these 6 kids that were sent to prison and meet an older man named Sakuragi. It's bittersweet and really intense. It's also probably the darkest anime I have ever seen! I'm in love with it but it's not something I would recommend to people with weak stomachs. It's really depressing so beware!

The second anime I'm watching is Kakumeiki Valvrave. I'm not quite sure I understand the whole story, but I do know there is a big war going on! I'm not very far into this one but so far it's not my favorite. I don't feel like I'm connected with the characters. Also everything happens so quickly and randomly and just doesn't make any sense. I'll keep watching it because it's worth a shot. Also because it's a mecha and I love mecha anime!

The last is .hack//sign. I'm watching this because Aggroe had me interested! So far I really, really love it. .hack//sign is about a boy that gets stuck in a video game! I think the main character is really mysterious and interesting. I like all the characters and so far the story has me hooked! I will be watching more! It's also one I would recommend!

So if anyone has seen any of these then tell me what you think without spoiling them please! 
Anemone <3

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